Amplifying and magnifying GRATITUDE

Its not easy to practise gratitude when times are tough. But thats when its needed the most. On normal days, simple gratitude practices like listing down three things we are grateful in our gratitude journal is enough. But on not so good days, we need a much more powerful and stronger gratitude practice. We must amplify and magnify this energy of gratitude so that we can harness this inner strength for healing.


Today I would like to share with you a practice which is super powerful to build up self compassion. We talk a lot about boundary setting and saying NO when needed. But there is one thing we forget. Every NO we say generates within us feelings of shame, guilt, anger, worry and fear. Whether it is declining a job offer, saying no to a movie date, not paying attention to a chronic complainer, saying no to further studies or marriage to take some time for yourself or saying no to lending someone money.

Just think of the last time you said no to someone or something. How did you feel? Were you afraid that you had hurt someone? Were you worried about the outcome? Were you ashamed? Self compassion includes healing all feelings that come up with saying that no.


Being grateful for your wins and your gains is easy but not enough. Just as we lay a lot of emphasis on loving yourself unconditionally, its also important to be grateful for anything and everything. I know you may not agree with this. When we talk about forgiveness, we do not say or accept someone’s faults as right or justified. We stop holding on to the pain and release the trauma by sending love to all so that we can be free from that unending pain and misery.

The same holds true for gratitude as well. Unconditional gratitude does not mean that you are happy for your losses or that you feel good because of them. NO, it means that you are grateful for the divinity this pain is invoking within you even if you cannot see it at the moment. Its not about being okay and putting on a brave face. Its about believing in love, no matter what. Its about realising that whatever hardships you are facing, whatever pain you are suffering from is a manifestation of the solution for the highest good. Whatever is happening with you, is actually happening for you and for the highest good of all.

“My pain is a solution for the highest good of all.”

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Speaking up for yourself with confidence

“Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love.” Lao Tzu

There are certain moments in our lives where we feel the need to stand up for ourselves. People say mean and sarcastic things to us and though we choose to practice compassion and forgiveness by not acting impulsively, we also feel the need to stand up for ourselves and not take this sh*t anymore.

Just as the first line of the above written quote says, kindness in words does create confidence. When we react impulsively, we often end up saying mean and nasty things to others and that does not make us feel any better. But when we choose to speak with kindness, we take a stand for ourselves making sure to send love to the other person.

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Balancing logic and intuition with Goddess Hecate

How do we know when we are with someone who has the potential of being our best friend? How do we decide if its time to move on? How do we make career choices and welcome abundance into our lives?shutterstock_1047707809


Namaste my loves. Today I would love to share with you some insights on balancing logic and intuition and why its so important to maintain this balance. When I am with someone with whom I can be my true authentic self, relax and feel that warmth and comfort, I know that a new friendship is on its way. Thats how our intuition guides us to the members of our soul family. I have read dozens of books on the power of intuition, but I have realised that even after learning how to trust my gut instinct, I cannot rely solely on it. Its not that easy to master the intuitive guidance and thats when we should start being mindful of our choices. Just because it feels good to be with a certain person does not mean that I overlook the fact that their habit of smoking  is intolerable or their repeated use of foul language irks me or they not keeping their promises is not okay. Just because it started off as a beautiful relationship does not mean that logical reasoning needs to be denied.


Just as scientific evidences are needed to put forth certain theories, its best to let logical reasoning support your intuitive insights. I have seen many psychic healers and authors explain beautifully how trusting your vibes can be pretty useful for us and intuition must be trusted even if it defies logic. With all due respect for them, I disagree. You can surely consider what your intuition has to say, but silencing your mind and not looking for logic can mess things up. At the same time if you choose to believe only in logical reasoning neglecting your inner voice, you may land up in loveless relationships and unpleasant job situations.

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Birthing Miracles and boundary setting

What does boundary setting truly mean? Why is it so important for us to set boundaries?  And how do we do so in a way that is for the highest good of all?

So many times in our lives, we are faced with people and situations which do not allow us to be our true authentic selves. Living in a family where self care practices are regarded as laziness and working yourself to the point of an emotional breakdown is considered to be a virtue, I understand how difficult it can be for us to show up as who we really are. We start to dim our light so that we can fit in with ease. Thats where boundary setting comes into play. 

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The Scary Godmother is here again( Making transitions with peace and freedom)

“But my dear, this might be the biggest mistake of your life. What if  it doesnt turn out the way you imagined. What if things get worse. What if you regret this later. You are safe here, why leave?”

So this is what I woke up to this morning. I am soon moving out of my hometown for a brand new job and my Scary Godmother has just been rambling ever since. She has so much to say to me. A part of me argues that she is pretty wise and it might be true to some extent. She does prevent me from getting involved in dangerous stuff like smoking, drinking, rash driving and so on. But things get a little messy when she just cant mind her own business.

We all are scared of transitions, arent we? Be it a major transition like death or a small one like getting married, we are all scared of them. Because we dont really know what lies on the other side. We have no idea how our married life is going to turn out, how we are going to feel in the new town or where we are going after we die. And thats the reason our beloved Scary Godmother gets a wonderful opportunity to make us feel afraid and worried.

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The Love Spell ♡♡♡

“All my cousins are making a good amount of money. My batchmates have been selected in prestigous universities. My neighbours are super clear on what they want to achieve. And here I am, waiting for my appointment letter to arrive with my dad super disappointed in me, my mom thinking of me as a lazy spoilt brat and my little brother thinking that my life is pretty cool. All right, I accept it. Maybe I am the only one who has her entire life messed up. Maybe I am the only one feeling too ashamed and embarassed to go out in public.

But! Hold on. Its Halloween the day blur-breakfast-candles-220491after tomorrow and maybe some cute little friendly ghosty might arrive to help me. Well, I know that sounds weird. But……………….Anyway I have enough people in my life reminding me what a careless and clueless person I am. And let me not be one of them.”

Namaste wonderful souls. I welcome you to this post where we are going to talk about shame and embarassment. I feel ashamed because I am not working in a prestigous place, I am not aiming for a selection in a good university for further studies, I am not doing anything which comes under the traditional definition of being successful.

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Spooky pumpkins taught me this!

close-up-creepy-dark-619418.jpgRelationships change over a period of time. Things happen, arguments do take place and harsh words are spoken too. And those words still hurt, dont they?

In today’s post I wish to speak about the relationships which are very close to us and the way they are suffering because of the cracks that have developed in them. Nobody’s perfect. We all know that. No relationship is perfect either. Be it your parents, your kids, your grandkids, your siblings, your cousins, your friends, your spouse, your in-laws or your neighbours. Nothing is perfect. We might have had arguments with our loved ones and our relationship now has cracks we desperately want to fill. Things are just not the way they were and we really want to fix this.

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Namaste beloved light-workers. Thank you for supporting me on this beautiful journey. Today, I wish to speak about some common hardships that we all face in our lives.


Starting with the most common one. We all are judged by our family members, our friends, relatives and co-workers. Every aspect of our lives is judged by every single person we know and meet. It hurts. I know its does. I know that certain things must be spared from judgement, but the world just doesnt get it.

Spiritual masters say that kindness is the antidote to all judgement. But what exactly is kindness? What exactly do they mean by being kind to yourself and others?

Kindness is that nice warm cup of tea you serve yourself when you are down with cold, kindness is that prayer you say for those who hurt you, kindness is that wish you make that all beings be blessed, kindness is that time you take to decorate your room for halloween festivities, kindness is that congratulations you say to yourself when no one else says it, kindness is that nice new book you read by the burning fire after being criticised by others for being lazy, kindness is the number of hours you dedicate to a peaceful sleep, kindness is watching your favourite show instead of forcing yourself to change your choices, kindness is not only doing what feels good, it is indeed doing what is good. Being kind is good for you.

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The Special One

Namaste wonderful souls. Thank you all for loving, sharing and supporting my work. So today’s post is going to be dicated to that one special person in your life. That special one who gets the most of your time and attention, who is on your mind the maximum number of hours in a day, whose words occupy the majority of your thoughts and who is always close to you. I too have that special one in my life and I am sure all of us too are blessed with such a wonderful person. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about that one critical parent, that one nagging neighbour, that one annoying relative, that one selfish co-worker, that one mean boss and that one nosy cousin. Yes, we are all blessed with at least one such special person in our lives. Please do pardon me for my sarcasm, but when I say blessed, I really mean it.

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Respect your ANGER

Respect your anger. Most of us or lets say almost all of us have a lot of hard time  dealing with our anger especially when we have careless co-workers, overdemanding seniors, highly judgemental family members and excessive workload. Our anger seems to be our worst enemy. It disturbs our mind and crushes our merry spirit.

The biggest problem is that we do not give our anger the time and space it needs. Reacting impulsively means you are disrespecting your anger. When you are super angry, your anger wont melt away in an instant. We need time to allow ourselves to heal from it. We need patience to understand that our feelings are temporary.

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