Surrender with ease

So as we go deeper into our daily rituals and short practices for healing, lets take the help of the enchanted waterfall once again. First, it helped us in gaining access to our inner wisdom, next it ignited the divine spark of courage within us and now it will help us to move or flow through life with ease. We are trying so hard to keep it all going. We are trying so hard to hold it all together. We have started living a life like robots behaving as control freaks. The need to control has exceeded to such an extent that we have become totally non receptive to divine intention and intervention. Surrender seems to be totally out of the question and when our plans fail miserably, we are left feeling hopeless and helpless. So today we will learn the art of flowing through life with ease. Here again the beautiful and loving waterfall will help us. Simply follow the steps listed below for few minutes each day and trust what comes.

1-Put on a video of a waterfall. Make sure its that of a natural waterfall and not a fountain.

2- Lie down comfortably and take in a few deep relaxing breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Keep breathing this way till you begin to relax.

3- Breathe normally now and keep your focus on your breath. Your breath will change as you begin to notice it.

4- With your eyes open or closed, as you may prefer, feel the flow of water in your heart centre. Feel the water gushing, flowing, rushing and swirling.

5- As the sounds and images take you into a deeper state of relaxation, bring to your attention the one area or situation in your life which you are trying too hard to control.

6- Now as you notice this, say this prayer aloud,

O mighty waterfall to you I surrender this.

Now feel the situation and your emotions attached to it flowing with the waters. Feel the flowing waters taking charge as you completely let go.

7- Now be in that state of surrender and listen to your inner wisdom for any guidance that comes up.

Waterfall courage

How powerful a gushing waterfall is. It helps us to relax, to connect to our inner wisdom and then it gives us the strenth to act upon it. We feel afraid of people and situatuons. We feel afraid of lack of money, we feel afraid of being true to ourselves. The mighty healing power of the waterfalls ignites that spark of strength within you. You can easily access your inner divine flame of strength and courage by using the healing and loving power of a waterfall. You can do this very easily if you are willing. Your will carves out the way leading to your highest good. So if you are willing to keep your hearts open to this enormous flow of divine power, lets begin. Simply follow the steps listed below for a few minutes each day and trust what comes.

1-Put on a video of a waterfall which you like or if you have one close to your home thats even better. Make sure that the video you watch is of a natural waterfall and not a fountain.

2- Take a few deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Keep taking these deep breaths till you begin to relax.

3- Feel the strong flow of water in three areas of your body. The centre of your forehead between your eyebrows, which is your third eye chakra, the centre of your chest or your heart chakra and your belly or your creativity and pleasure centre. Quit if it triggers anxiety or any other problems.

4-Now as you continue to breathe and take deep breaths, with your eyes closed or open, as you may prefer, witness all your fear and insecurities and start naming them. You can start with lack of money, lack of support, fear of abandonment, confusion and go on listing.

5-Now as you do so, feel the strong gushing flow of water in the above mentioned areas and say the following prayer-

Dear mighty waterfall, to you I surrender all my fears.

6- Now imagine the flow of water swirling and flooding these areas of your soul and body. Hold on and soon you will sense it flushing out all that no longer serves you.

7- Now let out a sigh of relief and say THANK YOU. This practice will help you gain clear vision, be more open to love and life and also open new creative pathways for you.

Waterfall wisdom

Just watched a beautiful video of a snowy environment with a beautiful yet mystical waterfall making its way out of the snowy mountains down to the icy land. Healing with waterfalls can akso help us to gain wisdom with divine grace. We have emerged from love and peace and wisdom lies in merging with it. If you look at such a video and simply ask yourself this one question,” What can I do right now to gain relief?” and allow the solutions to flow naturally to you as the water rushes down, you will feel the divine whispering to you. Maybe the answer is to take a nap or it is to finish yout project or maybe it is to say a quick short prayer. I tried this right now and what came to me was to write another article is one of my article series. The answers are subtle and beautiful. When we have problems in listening to our inner wisdom, nature is what helps us. Listed below are a few ways a waterfall can help you in accessing your inner wisdom.

1- The flow of water sets the energy of love flowing within you.

2-The flow of water down towards the earth helps you in getting rooted and grounded thus leaving you feeling safe and secure.

3-The pleasant sounds set your inner wise voice into motion and you can hear your inner whispers much louder.

4-Journalling while listening to these sounds lets your heart connect with the divine to welcome guidance.

5-Calms down the urge to do things in haste and lets you relax and tune in to your intuition.

6- The flow of gushing water fills your heart space with powerful energy which flushes out fear and indecisiveness.

Embrace the flow

The mystical waterfall flows down towards mother earth in the most graceful way. The beauty in its serenity is a treat to behold. For all those who dont believe in its healing power, its still serves as a nice place to visit. But if you wish to be healed by its glories, it will come to you very soon. Healing comes when you are willing to open your hearts to love and wisdom. The waterfall rushes down and gushes in its full flow having the enormous potential to rewire your life as much as it can be used to generate electricity. Loving yet powerful if you are willing to go deeper into this, just keep reading. Watch a video of a waterfall( preferably a waterfall and not a fountain) or visit one if you can. Just watch it for a few minutes and feel the water flowing through your heart. Feel it rushing and gushing and overcoming all obstacles as it flows down to earth. Feel the flow within your heart. Sometimes we become so occupied with life that we build walls around ourselves and also block the flow of love and life. Feel the gushing water flowing within your heart space and let this wave of relaxation sweep over you. As you go deeper and deeper into this practice, you will notice how you begin to heal and connect. You will feel support and confort. You will soon go on from few minutes a day to a much longer time. You may close your eyes after sometime to establish a much deeper connect.

Down it flows

Okay, so lets say that I am currently on a mission to try to bring all beautiful souls to establish their own unique and intense relationship with mother earth. Now I am particularly enchanted by waterfalls these days. If thats not something you like, thats all right. But if you do find it amazing, then you can surely use the energy of  a waterfall to heal your deepest wounds. You can eithet visit an actual waterfall or use sounds or videos, whatever suits you best. You can play waterfall ambiance music while reading a book or you can change the wallpaper of your screen to that of a waterfall. You can watch a video or visit an actual waterfall and maybe just note or write down those few loving thoughts that come to you. Sometimes just being in that state of natural flow and allowing it to heal you can work wonders. What soothes your heart, sharpens yur mind. The beautiful, gentle yet powerful flow of water, beating down upon the rocks, making its way down towards mother earth, the energy it gives out is of peace, love and enchantment. If your life lacks flow and you feel stuck you can use this energy to make your life flowing.

Blessed Waterfalls

Listening to the soothing sounds of waterfalls, I so often feel that our connection with nature has been distraught since the time we have begun this race of development. In this fast evolving society when a barren piece of land is just viewed as another spot for commercial purposes, where has the love for our original home disappeared? No one can stay happy being away from home. No matter how far we go, we are always called back. Called back to where we belong. Called back to peace and love. Perhaps this is the reason we still have flower pots at home and we still like adorning our entrances with moneyplants. Whenever I hear the sounds of waterfalls, I feel blessed to hear such music. Nothing can replace the gentleness of the breeze and nothing can overpower the healing energy of a waterfall. If you happen to visit one, just sit there for a moment and let its healing vibes sink in. If you dont happen to visit, listen to such sounds on youtube and while doing so, just be aware of how your breath becomes easier and how you feel a little lighter. Just a few minutes of this practice each day sets you in tune with a healing force much greater than you. It slowly embraces you and then you begin to melt and your energy fuses with this healing force. Such sounds and sights have the potential of enriching you with the most wonderful insights. Just try this once and feel connected to your true home.