Let your shadow sparkle

Being ruled by tyrants in our past lives has left us with deep scars which still need healing. Some wounds are still alive in our hearts and they manifest as extreme fear to raise our voice. As women, we still see marriage an an essential source of our survival which causes us to shrink and play small when we should be taking bold steps. Today, in this post I offer you the following lessons of awakening.



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What self love really is

Namaste beloved. Lets define the true meaning of self love today and allow it to miraculously transform our lives.


In today’s post, you will learn about-

* What self love is and why is it so important?

*How childhood criticism is still affecting us.

*How do we accept ourselves fully.

*Using self love as a tool to create miracles

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How complaining hampers your manifesting process

Namaste my loves. Thank you so very much for being here. Today we discuss about manifesting, how the habit of complaining hampers it, why we go through bitter experiences and a lot more. Please do share and subscribe. Sending you all so much love and light.

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Dealing with bullies, mean people and toxic interactions

anton-eprev-73010Namaste my loves. Thank you so much for paying this post a visit and choosing to spend your precious time listening to it. In this post we are going to discuss about a particular class of bullies called termite bullies, who they are, how they harm us and what we can do in order to rise and shine. I pray that you are able to receive my words with love.

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Winter solstice meditation with the Fairy Godmother

candles-glow-with-spa-decor_4460x4460Namaste beloved. Wishing you all a very happy winter solstice. Today I would love to share with you my newly created meditation in which we will dance with the fairies, meet our beloved Fairy Godmother and embrace the feeling of being our own soulmate. So I welcome you now to close your eyes and enter into a deep loving space within yourself.

Sit down comfortably on a chair or cross legged on a mat or your bed and slowly close your eyes. Make sure that you are in a safe and comfortable place where you can relax and will not be disturbed for the next few minutes. All the sounds in the background, the chirping of the birds, the sounds of kids playing or the crackling sounds of the fireplace will only take you deeper and deeper. Play some nice winter solstice music on youtube and connect with your breath in your heart centre.

Take a nice long deep letting go breath, inhaling to the count of five, holding your breath to a count of five and then ending the cycle with exhaling to the count of five. Repeat this cycle two more times and feel yourself slowly melting into the flow of the universe.

Now visualise roots growing from the bottom of your feet and base of your spine down and deep into the heart of mother earth. Visualise a beautiful glowing crystal at the core of mother earth and see these roots wrapping around it. Breathe in love from mother earth and release all your pain and worry. Breathe in more love, release more and more of pain and fear. Surrender, let it all go, feel her love flowing into you.

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