Dealing with judgement, criticism and unpleasant interactions

So far in my blog posts I have written about self compassion, loving kindness, forgiveness, oneness and how all these play a significant role in dealing with criticism, judgement and unpleasant interactions. But until now we have discussed only about that part of our ego which attacks and responds with anger. We have discussed sacred […]

How to deal with overwhelm during journeys

Journeys especially office tours can be really overwhelming. There is the tiredness of the journey, the lack of comfort we get at home and some amount of homesickness too. Self care while you are on trips and journeys becomes something we often forget and many a times we suffer from severe emotional meltdowns along the […]

Goddess Brigid meditation for Self Love♡♡♡

Namaste wonderful souls. Tonight, I would like to share with you all my very beautiful Goddess Brigid meditation on self love and inner transmutation. No matter how you are feeling, this meditation will tune you into the power of love. Brigid is the Goddess of fire and transmutation and in this meditation she will be […]

Goddess Yemanya meditation for inner peace and receptivity

Goddess Yemanya is symbolic of immense compassion, fertility and receptivity. She is also the fierce protectress who safeguards her children from all harm and danger. She birthed the seas and oceans into being and just like the vast ocean, her heart is full of love and kindness for her children. So today I am going […]

Meditation to embrace change and transformation with Goddess Aeracura

The Goddess Aeracura helps us to cultivate patience as we go through any transition. A bride may be super frustrated as things may not be going as she planned, a new employee may be having a hard time in adjusting in the new workplace and someone nearing death may be too grief striken to see […]

Speaking up for yourself with confidence

“Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love.” Lao Tzu There are certain moments in our lives where we feel the need to stand up for ourselves. People say mean and sarcastic things to us and though we choose to practice compassion and forgiveness by not acting impulsively, […]