Eerie happenings at night? What to do?

Namaste my beloved friends. So tonight’s post is one which may sound spooky but its a bit dark and conflicting. I avoided writing this for quite a while but I feel that quite a lot of people are getting affected by this and this needs to be discussed.

Yes, I am talking about hearing strange sounds at night, sounds of tapping, wall scratching, footsteps, someone running about in the house…………..Now I wont comment on what it can be because opinions can vary. And neither is this post a substitute of any medical advice or information. Its a letter of love from my heart to yours.



This is a visualisation practice that has helped sleep safely and peacefully through many eerie nights. I lay down in my warm, soft and comfy bed and wrap my cozy quilt around myself. Then I visualise my beloved dragon wrap her strong wings around myself shielding me from all harm. I then visualise my dragon breathing out her breath of fire and cleansing my home of all negativity.




I have been working with the fae ( fairies) for a pretty long time now. On nights I feel restless and ill at ease, they are always there whispering and comforting me. Their whispers sound exactly like the inaudible whispers we hear in ASMR videos. Their whispers are so soothing and so relaxing.


I play an ASMR video on youtube, the one with inaudible whispers. My favourite ASMR channel is Goodnight Moon. As I start feeling sleepy listening to the whispers in the video, the whispers blend with the whispering voices of the fae and I feel relaxed and comforted. I thank the fae for their love and blessings.


On some nights I get so restless that I have to wake up and create a cozy hyggeligt ambiance to feel better. Hygge may be called coziness but its a different kind of feeling altogether. I enjoy reading something that diverts my mind or watching something that makes me feel poweeful and magical. “The Babblebrook Series” by Goodnight Moon ASMR is so comforting. And if you too enjoy reading, my fiction series “Hygge Diaries” is a good read too.

HYGGE DIARIES Chap 1- Moving in

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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