Connecting with the Living Dead ( Safe and easy ways to talk to the dead)

Namaste my loves. Thank you so much for being here on this blessed night as we gather here in this sacred moment to honor those who have crossed the veil but are still hovering above us for protection. Yes, I am talking about our departed loved ones who are still keeping a watch on us. Sometimes we are so confused in life and those in the mortal realm fail to understand our sorrow and suffering. So tonight I will be sharing with you simple yet beautiful ways to connect with the living dead. I like to call them living dead because even though they have departed from this mortal realm, they continue to live in us and through us. Blessed be.



For me this has been the simplest and safest way to communicate with my deceased Grandma. But you dont need to know who you are communicating with. The spirits will soon reveal themselves to you.

I suggest using a new scented candle and a new journal in honor of the ritual. Take a nice warm cleansing bath at night. Light the candle flame and be very careful with the fire. I usually use glass jar candles as they are pretty safe. I begin with chanting the Mahakali mantra for protection “Om Krim Kalikeya Namah” and then I visualise my beloved dragon wrapping me in her strong wings for extra protection.


I then invite the spirits into the candle flame and pay gratitude to them. I ask my questions and observe a moment of silence. Then I begin to write down in my journal anything that comes up without overthinking and judgement. Saying thanks again, I blow out the candle flame.

I then visualise my dragon breathing out her breath of fire and cleansing my home of any negativity. I read what I have written. If something does not feel right or does not resonate with me, I discard it instantly.


Sometimes throughout the day we happen to look at the clock at 1:11 or 11:11 or 4:44 or……. During this very minute, I close my eyes, put my hand om my heart and say,” My beloved ancestral guide of the highest truth and compassion, do you have a little guidance which will cheer me up. Thank you so very much. Blessed be.”

I do this to gain short cheerful messages to brighten my day. The process is short and sweet and takes only a minute or so.



I usually like to do this before bedtime. Visualising myself wrapped safely in strong dragon wings, I pick up a good fiction book to read. I am currently reading “Mrs. McGinty’s Dead” by Agatha Christie and “Snow and Rose” by Emily Winfield Martin. I pray to my ancestors to send me some guidance through this book. Something in between the lines that creates an aha moment for me.



Take a nice warm shower and dress in something that feels witchy and authentic. I suggest a dark lip colour for females for this ocassion. Go out into your garden or balcony at night time and gaze at the moon with gratitude, wonder and respect. Now close your eyes and visualise the moon and the stars shining their healing light upon you.

Call upon your ancestral guides of the highest truth and compassion ask what you want to. If guidance doesnt come instantly, relax and trust that it will unfold itself at the right time. Thank and honor the dead by observing a minute or two of silence. Blessed be.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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