The Law of Attraction Series Part 3- The Magic of the glowing Lava

Namaste beloved. Welcome to another post in The Law of Attraction Series. I am so grateful to you for loving, sharing and supporting my work. If you wish to read any previous posts in the series, you can click on the links below.

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So today we shall work with two really powerful Goddesses Pele and Cerridwen. Pele is the Goddess of volcanoes. She is the lava which is wanting to rise within us. So often we have felt this intensity of emotion which is saying,” This is not done. This is so unfair.” Pele is that force or rather that fire of passion which has the power to set things right. She is our inner rage, our inner pain and even our inner strength. Today as I sit here engulfed by sorrow, my inner Pele is screaming at me to rise and awaken. She is telling me that its time to go beyond the mortal realm. In our manifesting journey, when we are faced with troubles and obstacles, our inner fire lights the way.

Pele provides us warmth when our hearts feel cold. She warms up our numbed minds so that we may think as light workers. We dont need to know it all. Pele has ignited the divine fire of passion within us and she knows how to keep it burning. So whenever you feel as if you wont be able to manifest what you want, pray to Pele and she will make the flames rise up within you.

When we feel pain and scream loudly, everyone hears it and comes to our aid. But when we are broken, hurt or angry on the inside, our inner screams often go unnoticed. Our mind disregards them as meaningless. But behind every scream lies a fire, the fire of wrath waiting to be unleashed. This fire can either burn us from the inside or it can warm up our hearts with love.

“But how can rage and anger turn into love?” This is one question I often find myself confused with. What is rage? What is wrath? What is anger? These are all proof that we are 100% human and 100% divine at the same time. Pele honors our wrath as 100% human but she teaches us to dwell in the 100% divine zone. Pele is the love within the wrath.

Just like we have these wafers with chocolate filling, Pele is that immensely delicious feeling of joy that comes when the wrath is crushed just like the taste of chocolate only comes when the wafer is crushed with our teeth when we bite into it. Allow your rage to be. Allow it to exist and honor it fully. If in your manifesting journey you come across people or incidents which hurt you, remember that your wrath is a sign that something good is on its way.

Cerridwen is the Goddess of magic, witchcraft, healing and love. She is the maiden and also the wise woman who helps us in our manifesting journey with practices like journalling, visualisation, using crystals and so on. Very soon, on the 31st of October we will be celebrating Samhain or Halloween. Its considered to be the time of the year when the veil betwern the mortal and the spirit realm is truly thin. It is a really beautiful time for manifesting your desires. You can take as much help as you need from the world of spirits. Try taking out some quiet time to meditate, reflect and journal or write down some chanelled messages.

I have always found visualisation really hard. The theory says that you visualise your desire coming into being and feel the powerful emotions behind it. But when I do this and I am again faced with the harsh reality, it hurts even more. If there is one thing I truly lack, its patience. It isnt easy to keep living a life where you are not happy. I suggest you to create some quiet time for yourself throughout the day. I mostly do this in the mornings and evenings. During this time, refrain from answering any phone calls or emails, stay away from social media and television. Spend this quiet time doing things you love like reading, listening to audiobooks, journalling, meditating or having a nice warm cup of milk. The more you cultivate the practice of cultivating quiet times, the less stressed you are going to feel. And thats how getting into the practice of visualisation becomes a lot easier.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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