The Law of Attraction Series Part 2- The Lover and the Fierce Mother

Namaste my loves. I welcome you all to my next post in The Law of Attraction Series. Thank you so very much for loving, sharing and supporting my work. I am so very proud of you for being so consistent in your healing work. And if you feel as if you are falling off the wagon, remember that it happens with all of us and there is absolutely no need to worry about it.

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So today we will be working with two Goddesses Mary Magdalene and Mahakali. Mary Magdalene was the beloved of Christ and she was also the first one to have witnessed his resurrection. She represents the divine love within us. She as the beloved of Christ also teaches us that we are 100% human and 100% divine as opposed to the concept of being 50% human and 50% divine which we have often been taught. I am currently reading “Mary Magdalene Revealed” by Meggan Watterson and she highlights this concept of allowing both the human and divine within us to express their selves fully. So if you feel as if your desire isnt divine enough, then remember that we as humans have human emotions and its totally justified for us to want dream homes, dream careers and lots of money.

Mary Magdalene appears before me as a gentle loving maiden, clad in a beautiful red gown lost in her own thoughts. Perhaps she is meditating or missing her beloved. She also represents a state of bliss attained when one has aligned herself with the light within her. When you want to manifest something and it really matters to you, just connect with the love you feel within you regarding your desire. As of now, I really want to manifest a flourishing career. So I awaken the Magdalene within me and I feel blessings flooding my heart as I see myself taking up courses, reading books, falling off the wagon, getting back on track and so it goes on and on.

Last night I was feeling really frustrated because despite of all my efforts, I have still not manifested what I want to. This is a really common emotion we feel when we are on our manifesting journey. Here Mary Magdalene teaches us to embrace our pain and allow it to exist. The 100% divine within us agrees with this but the 100% human within us longs for peace and joy. This longing is transformed and transmutated to hope and devotion in this journey of manifesting.

Kali maa is the fierce and loving mother who inspires us to believe that we are worthy of every good thing we wish for. She chops off the heads of demons and wears them as a garland around her neck. The demon heads represent the demonic thoughts we have. On our manifesting journey lets pray to Kaali maa to help us shed off all thoughts of anguish and despair.

Kaali maa sprang from Devi Durga’s forehead as the final resort to win the battle against demons. There was one demon named Raktbeej who had a boon that he would be reborn from every drop of his blood. Hence defeating him seemed impossible. But Kaali maa chopped off his head and drank up every drop of his blood. Our inner kaali or lets say our inner light can engulf any trouble or pain that arises.

Kaali maa teaches us to be fierce and fearless about the choices we make. She even brings about a storm in our lives when she sees us stuck and helpless. She is the storm and she also helps us through the storm.

So the principles of The Law of Attraction which we learn through these two Goddesses are-

1- Honor your desire as 100% human and 100% divine.

2- Stop believing in any demonic thoughts that are haunting your mind.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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