The Law of Attraction Series Part 1- It all began with a lip colour

Namaste my beloved readers. Thank you so very much for loving, sharing and supporting my work. As I promised in my previous post that I shall soon be bringing to you a series of seven blog posts where we work with several Goddesses and experience the magic of the law of attraction, so here I am wanting to begin this wonderful journey with you. If you want to read about how and when I started believing in the law of attraction, you can read my previous post here.

So, on day one we are going to connect with two Goddesses Sati and Lilith who will support us, hold us and guide us with their love and power. And for all those who are still confused about the title of this post, I will be disclosing the reason behind it towards the end.


Goddess Sati was the beloved daughter of King Daksha. She was fierce and brave yet gentle at heart. She would chase after dangerous wild animals and she even dared to venture deep into the dark woods. Her father had always taught her that the one who conquers the land deserves all praise. Without the conquerer the land holds no meaning. The conquerer captures the land and turns it into a productive patch which can sustain agriculture and support the kingdom. To King Daksha, this meant selfless service. Sati grew up believing in her father’s ideologies until one day she met Lord Shiva. Shiva explained to her that when the conquerer had a motive behind capturing the land, then how could it be done selflessly. Shiva said to her,” When the motive behind any action is nothing but pure joy, only then can it be called selfless service.”

Like Sati, we too have been taught to have an ambition in mind. Like Sati, we too have been taught to struggle and strive until we have worn ourselves out completely. But what Shiva said is actually the reverse of it. We are not selfish when we do something for the love of it. We are selfish when we do something for any reason other than love. The movie “The shift” starring Dr. Wayne Dyer explains exactly this concept of the shift from ambition to meaning, the shift from doing things for a reason to doing something because it brings you joy.

Sati was humiliated for her choice to marry Shiva. Sati teaches us to look into our hearts and allow the flame of love to guide us. She encourages us to be compassionate towards ourselves when those around us fail to understand us.

One shadow aspect of Sati was that she always wanted to convince her father that her decision to marry Shiva was correct. So when Daksha organises a huge religious ceremony and does not invite Shiva and Sati, she decides to go there with a hope to convince her father. Shiva warns her that going there without an invitation might not bring good results but she had made her choice. The result was that her father humiliated her to such an extent that she couldnt bear it any more.

Like Sati we too try hard to convince our loved ones about our choices, but sadly it never works. Here Goddess Lilith steps in. Lilith was the first woman created for Adam who refused to lie down below him when they made love. She fled from the garden of Eden and chose to live life on her own terms. I see Lilith having these huge wings and soaring high like an eagle. Lilith does not believe in explanations. She teaches us to stop trying to convince anyone. There is a famous proverb which says,”Where there is a will, there is a way.” Lilith says,” The way is only where the will is.” Our will is all that matters.

Lilith is also considered to be the serpent who penetrated Eve and made her bleed, thus invoking the divine feminine energy within her. And now lets talk about the title of this post. When I was working with Lilith I had this sudden urge to put on dark purple lip colour. Normally I do not wear a liptick but I had been having this urge for several days. Today when I spoke my thoughts out aloud, I realised that I have always wanted to hide. I am really scared of any attention I get and it really makes me uncomfortable. I kind of believe in the theme of “Come unnoticed, go unnoticed.” And that has been a major block for me.

Lilith shows us how beautiful life can be when we choose to follow our own will instead of trying to shrink our wishes to the level of what others think is true. So when I came to know that I shall soon be leaving my workplace, I shared this news with my co-workers. Though they dont like me, they do not want a sincere and hardworking staff member to leave their team. So they all went to speak to the boss to do something about it. I really do not wish to stay back. I am longing to leave this town even though I have very little idea about how harsh the conditions are going to be in my new workplace. Everyone wants me to stay back but I am dying to leave.

Lilith is showing me that just like she wasnt created to fulfill Adam’s needs, none of us were created to satisfy or please others. She is showing me that if not now, then someday I will leave this town. I feel deeply upset by the loneliness that surrounds me but Lilith whispers to me that she too was alone when she fled from the garden of Eden. She left the only person she ever knew and followed her heart.

So for this post I will leave you with two really powerful statements.

“I am the Sati who left her kingdom to marry the love of her life.”

I am the Lilith who fled from her home and ended a loveless marriage.”

These two statements represent two very powerful principles of the law of attraction.

1- If you want to attract something into your life, the force behind it must be nothing less than love.

2- If you want to attract something into your life, the force behind it must be nothing less than self love.

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Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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