How I started believing in the Law of attraction

Namaste my beloved readers. Thank you so very much for loving, supporting and sharing my work.

I had read a lot of articles about “The Law of attraction” and I even took up an online workshop for the same. But despite of learning so much about it, I never really understood how it worked until one day I came across a life changing experience which strengthened my faith in the law of attraction.


Basically what I had heard about the law of attraction was that we create what we focus on, be it positive or negative. So teachers all over the world are highlighting the significance of positive thinking so that we are in alignment with our highest self.

But my experience of it was slightly different. It so happened that I wasnt happy living in the town where I currently am and I was also having a really difficult time at my workplace. I was so stressed out that all I could think of was the day I would leave this town and this workplace forever.

All my thoughts focussed only on escaping my present living conditions. And it so happened one day that I was told that I would have to leave my current workplace as I was being posted to another town. I soon realised that this new town is quite poorly developed and it will be quite difficult to adapt there. So the universe understood that I wasnt happy with my workplace and wanted to leave but I had left the other part blank. I didnt place any focus on the new workplace I would want to go to.

Now in this situation one of the theories of the law of attraction will ask me to surrender and start thinking positive thoughts about the place I will be going to. But feelings are really intense and trying to control this intensity is nothing but stupidity. I do not believe in forcefully sitting down and visualising what I want to create. I have tried it several times and it has never worked for me.

Instead I believe in staying with my emotions. Last night, I was feeling really emotional about leaving my workplace though I was never happy there. I allowed my feelings to be there and this morning I feel lighter and calmer.

To me the law of attraction is a really simple and easy concept. We always think of what we want In my case I wanted leave this town and my current worplace. So in a way we do create what we want. The trouble however arises when we arent able to handle the uncertainity in life. In my case I have no idea about how I will be adapting to my new working environment. Thats the uncertainity I am afraid of.

My theory about the law of attraction is that we can transform this uncertainity into what we truly desire. And it has got absolutely nothing to do with sitting and visualising. Although if you love visualising and feel that it works for you, then please do continue as I strongly believe that we all have a unique pattern of beliefs.

So if you are willing, I will be taking you on a journey with seven Goddesses through a series of seven blog posts so that we attract miracles into our lives. Thank you beloved and may you be blessed.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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