The roar of Kali (Reach for the stars by lighting the fire within)

She stood there, listening to the insults being hurled upon her in front of the huge gathering. She stayed quiet for a while trying to comprehend the sudden hatred her father had for her. She stood there confused and devastated by his harsh words. Her heart broke into a million pieces but none in the gathering stood up for her. She sobbed for a while and tried to put her point across. But alas! Her father had already made up his mind. To him, Shiva was an alien, an uncivilised being who had brainwashed his beloved daughter. Her words fell upon deaf ears while everyone in the assembly turned a blind eye to her pain. 


Then, she finally spoke. She finally spoke the divine truth. In Shiva she found her true self. In his grace she discovered her true power. In his embrace she bonded with the Goddess within her. Shiva to her was truth, the unadulterated pure truth which had cleansed her mind of the dust which had covered it up for years. She did not burn her body, she did not burn her skin, she invited the fire of truth to take from her all that wasnt divine. She reincarnated in this earthly realm only to realise that there was a power hidden deep inside of her for lifetimes.

Mahakali jumped into the battlefield shocking the demoms with her grace and valour. She chopped off their heads and drank up their blood. She danced in the battlefield and anyone who saw her shivered in fear. But the ones who trusted her, were mesmerised by her beauty. Her skin was as dark as the night, her tongue covered with the blood of the demons and she wore a huge garland made of the chopped off demon heads. 

If Sati’s voice was drowned by her father’s harsh words, Mahakali’s roar silenced one and all. If Sati was in tremendous grief and agony because none understood her love, Mahakali cleared her path by removing each and every demon who threatened her peace.

At this time in my life, I see myself standing helplessly as Sati, while none around me is willing to accept the real me. They condemn my love for witchcraft and spiritual healing, they oppose my interest in a hyggelit lifestyle, they dont want me to go for my dreams and they say that they love me. While I see the Sati within me being engulfed by the ashes of fear and judgement, I can also hear the roar of Kali, I can also feel the wrath of Mahakali and I can sense her dancing within me ready to battle all demons.


I chose  the above image for this post knowing that it can be really disturbing and I am really sorry for that. But if you look at it with the eye of the heart, you can see that these flames are emerging from her heart centre and bathing her in love. Her scream is the scream of ecstasy, the scream of pure joy and liberation. When we allow the fire within us to rise and cleanse, we make way for miracles. We are afraid of the light within us, we are afraid of the truth within us, but once we release this fire of love it begins to burn down the fears and we can see clearly our divine truth. Once we start living as the real us, no harm can touch us and no power can destroy us.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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