Bursting into LOVE

Whenever we are upset we start looking for things to cheer us up. We want to feel better, we want to feel good and in an attempt to do so, we actually ignore the blessings being showered upon us. To be blessed is not to be happy, a blessing is the recognition of love and magic in the ordinary.

“I learnt that more important than being positive is being yourself.”       Anita Moorjani


Lets be upset today. Lets be upset because we are missing someone, lets be upset because someone was rude to us today, lets be upset because we still didnt get what we want from life, lets be upset because we work at a job we are sick of, lets be upset because we are still single, lets be upset because we are lonely. Whatever suits you best, lets be upset about it.

We all enjoy gaining sympathy attraction. Lets face it. We so love it when people say to us, “O you poor thing!” Why? Because its easy to see someone else feel sorry for us rather than allowing ourselves to be upset about it. Being upset in the moment is not an easy thing. We are conditioned to look for ways to feel good. Being upset involves releasing this conditioning we have developed over the years.

Today, I am missing a lot of people and a lot of things in my life. I am missing my Dad who just left town and is on his way back home, I am missing my mom with whom I havent had a nice talk for over two weeks, I am missing my baby brother whom I havent seen for four months now, I am missing my beloved friend with whom I parted ways two years ago, I am missing my school days when I would sit in the auditorium in full spirit to witness the grand annual fest, I am missing my childhood friends, I am missing my grandparents two of whom have already passed away, I am missing so much.

I choose to be upset in this moment. I choose to sob, I choose to weep, I choose to yell and cry, I choose to be in an unhappy mood today. Being upset is a really important step of spiritual surrender. You cannot give up control unless you release all control over how you want to feel. Some spirutual paths speak of happiness as a choice. With all due respect for them, I see happiness as giving up on all choices and letting love decide our fate. If there is more to lose, I give up on my choice to resist. If there is more darkness to be travelled, I give up on my choice to see the light. If there is more crisis to take place, I give up on my choice to accumulate wealth. 

Its not easy to surrender yourself to something or someone you cant see, feel, hear and touch. Its really hard and challenging to do so. So in this very moment I choose to be upset and surrender to the emptiness within me so that I may be wise enough to recognise the space within me which I have never seen. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer said in one of his seminars that what I am is what never changes. The body keeps changing in each moment. But the emptiness within me was there when I was a baby and couldnt even speak, it was there when I was a teen and was confused about everything in my life, it was there when I was in my college days and would really feel homesick and its still there. And now I want to get to know it better. I want to know the real me.


If you observe the image above, you might wonder that a balloon actually bursts when it comes into contact with the spikes of a cactus. Then whats this? When a balloon lands upon the spikes of a cactus, it gets pricked and pierced and bursts into nothingness. This nothingness was initially the space inside the balloon which was actually the balloon. When we allow the thorns of sadness to pierce our physical form, we burst into the nothingness we truly are. And this nothingness is what we call  LOVE.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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