Goddess Yemanya meditation for inner peace and receptivity

Goddess Yemanya is symbolic of immense compassion, fertility and receptivity. She is also the fierce protectress who safeguards her children from all harm and danger. She birthed the seas and oceans into being and just like the vast ocean, her heart is full of love and kindness for her children.

So today I am going to share with you my Goddess Yemanya meditation which will help you own where you are at, receive divine guidance and amplify the power of gratitude.

Sit down comfortably on a chair or cross legged on a mat or your bed. Make sure that you are in a safe and comfortable place where you can relax and will not be disturbed for the next few minutes. All the sounds in the background, the chirping of birds, the sounds of kids playing or the crackling sounds of the fireplace will only take you deeper and deeper.

Take a nice long deep letting go breath, inhaling to the count of four and exhaling to the count of eight. Once again, another long deep letting go breath, inhaling to the count of four and exhaling to the count of eight.

Now imagine that you are standing at the shore of the vast ocean in the dark midnight. The moon is shining in her full glory. The ocean waters are sparkling in the glowing moonlight. Gentle waves float in and out of the ocean. The water of the tides is reaching upto your naked feet.

A beautiful basket is kept on the shore right next to you. It consists of a few sheets of paper and a pen. You kneel down close to the basket and pick out the sheets of paper. You slowly and very gently lay the first sheet of paper on the soft sand. Taking a deep breath, you pick up the pen and slowly start writing all your troubles you want to share with the Goddess. What is bothering you? What is making you angry? Why do you feel hurt? Are you suffering from a heartbreak? You write it all down on the first sheet of paper. And continue on the next. And you write more on the next sheet. And more, in detail, on the next. Hold nothing back my love. Write it all down.

Now you slowly put the pen away and look at the sheets of paper lying on the ground. Very slowly and gently, you pick them up, and one by one you start making small paper boats out of them.Once you are done, you pick up those paper boats in your arms and very slowly one by one you send them into the ocean. See the gentle waves carry those boats into the heart of the ocean.

And now from the depths of the ocean, emerges the Mother Goddess Yemanya smiling lovingly at you. You bow down before her and slowly rise up. She asks you to enter into her waters. And you slowly remove all your clothes, your ornaments and very gently you untie your hair. Taking soft, slow steps, you step into the ocean holding her hands. She now bathes you in her divine waters washing you and cleansing you with her grace. Her waters wash over your body and slowly you begin to relax.

She holds up a burning candle in front of you. Take a nice long deep letting go breath inhaling the pleasant aroma of the candle? What does it smell like? It can be your favourite aroma filling you up with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. She now hands over the candle to you and you now see her holding a glass jar in her hands. The jar contains all your paper boats.

She takes out one of the paperboats and hands it over to you. She now asks you to burn it over the candle flame. Very carefully, you place the paperboat over the flame of the candle and it catches fire. See it burning away and you now release it into the ocean where it is swallowed up by the huge waves. And then she hands you the next paperboat which you again burn up and release into the ocean. And then you do the same for the next and the next and the next.

As you take a nice deep letting go breath, the jar in her hands is now full of glowing fireflies with enchanting beauty. She takes the burning candle back from you and gives you the jar of fireflies for you to use as a guiding light to reach back to the shore safely. She now has something to share with you. Listen to her in complete silence, in the stillness of the night.

After you have heard all she had to say, you see her disappearing into the vastness of the ocean. Holding the glowing jar in your hands, you head back to the shore safe and sound. As you arrive at where you first stood, very slowly you open the lid of the jar and release all fireflies. Put a smile upon your face as you see the fireflies glowing in the dark midnight. The bottom of the jar contains a small notecard for you. Take it out. See that it contains the picture of a unicorn. What is your unicorn doing? Is she a baby unicorn which might mean that your inner child is calling out to you? Is she dancing? Have a closer look at the picture. This is the Goddess’ final message for you. When I first did this meditation, my notecard had a picture of a beautiful garden and my unicorn was running away from it. For me it meant that I was neglecting the glories of my life in the quest for something better. And thats exactly what my cards had earlier told me.

And now as you let this message sink in, you see that your jar is now full of beautiful white flowers. You pick up the first flower and as you offer it to the candle-close-up-glass-1069044ocean you say,” My pain is a solution of the highest good.” Then you offer the next flower saying,” My problems are a part of the solution for the highest good of all.” And then the next saying,” I choose to see this differently, I choose to see this with love.”


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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