Meditation to embrace change and transformation with Goddess Aeracura

The Goddess Aeracura helps us to cultivate patience as we go through any transition. A bride may be super frustrated as things may not be going as she planned, a new employee may be having a hard time in adjusting in the new workplace and someone nearing death may be too grief striken to see their blessings. Goddess Aeracura reminds us that just as a tightly closed bud takes time to blossom and open petal by petal, transitions too take their own time. What lies on the other side may be completely unknown to us just as a little bud has no idea as to what her life would be like once she is a full grown flower. But having trust in the process and remembering that there is a higher wisdom governing every transition, we can cultivate a peaceful mindset and be grateful for all the blessings being bestowed upon us.

So here I have a meditation with our beloved Goddess Aeracura to help us with any negative thoughts or feelings that might come up along the way.

Sit down comfortably on a chair or cross legged on a mat or your bed. Make sure that you are in a safe and comfortable place where you can relax and will not be disturbed for the next few minutes. All the sounds in the background, the chirping of birds, the sounds of kids playing or the crackling sounds of the fireplace will only take you deeper and deeper.

Take a nice long deep letting go breath, inhaling to the count of four and exhaling to the count of eight. Once again, another long deep letting go breath, inhaling to the count of four and exhaling to the count of eight.

Focus your attention on your heart centre, the area in the centre of your chest between your breasts. Focus on how you feel right within. Are there any zones of holding a lot of emotions which have hardened up over the years? Do you feel a sense of tightness or heaviness due to the upcoming transition? Now, as you start noticing these areas, consciously begin to soften and melt. And soften and melt. And soften and melt. And soften and melt. And soften and melt. Keep softening and melting all the hardened zones until you feel lighter and relaxed.

Now imagine a beautiful tightly closed white bud at the centre of your heart. The sun is shining and you feel a sense of warmth within your heart centre. The bud opens slowly petal by petal and from its centre emerges the beautiful Goddess Aeracura clad in a white robe of flower petals spreading out her petal wings to embrace you. She encloses you in her soft white petal wings and holds you close to her heart.

She now asks you to share with her all your pain, all your sorrows, your fear, your worry and any negative thoughts that have been coming up for you. Hold nothing back my love. Share it all with her. She now starts extracting very slowly, very slowly all the darkness from within you. She keeps her hand close to your heart centre, joins her thumb and index finger together and pulls out all the negative thoughts, negative feelings from within. She slowly starts pulling out all the pain, all the fear and very slowly you begin to feel lighter.

Feeling relaxed and calm in her embrace, now a beautiful pink sparkling light slowly starts to travel from her heart centre to yours. Very slowly, this sparkling light spreads in your heart centre like a mist and then slowly travels up to your head clearing up all the clutter and then down to your belly clearing all blockages filling you up with a very pleasant cooling sensation.

As this light continues to spread slowly like a mist within you, she reminds you that you are so loved, you are so amazing. She assures you that you will be okay no matter what. She smiles at you lovingly and tells you that she is the light within you, its her grace and love thats spreading within you like a cooling mist.

Now she cradles you in her soft petal wings and you lie down in her lap feeling the soft touch of petals beneath you. She has something to share with you. Listen to her in silence. Allow her words to sink in slowly and smoothly.

The flower in your heart centre is blooming and blossoming. Recall the beauty of day and night, sunset and sunrise, endings and beginnings, blooming and withering. Then there is the fruit which contains the seed which again gives birth to a new plant. Everything melts into mother Earth and is born again. Trust in the process of transformation. You will be okay. You are so loved. 

The flower at the centre of your heart is covered with dewdrops sparkling as emeralds in the warm sunshine. You are being opened petal by petal through this change. You are slowly blossoming in the sunshine of love. Be patient with yourself. This change will take allcandle-close-up-glass-1069044 the time it needs. Dont worry, you will be okay.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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