Balancing logic and intuition with Goddess Hecate

How do we know when we are with someone who has the potential of being our best friend? How do we decide if its time to move on? How do we make career choices and welcome abundance into our lives?shutterstock_1047707809


Namaste my loves. Today I would love to share with you some insights on balancing logic and intuition and why its so important to maintain this balance. When I am with someone with whom I can be my true authentic self, relax and feel that warmth and comfort, I know that a new friendship is on its way. Thats how our intuition guides us to the members of our soul family. I have read dozens of books on the power of intuition, but I have realised that even after learning how to trust my gut instinct, I cannot rely solely on it. Its not that easy to master the intuitive guidance and thats when we should start being mindful of our choices. Just because it feels good to be with a certain person does not mean that I overlook the fact that their habit of smoking  is intolerable or their repeated use of foul language irks me or they not keeping their promises is not okay. Just because it started off as a beautiful relationship does not mean that logical reasoning needs to be denied.


Just as scientific evidences are needed to put forth certain theories, its best to let logical reasoning support your intuitive insights. I have seen many psychic healers and authors explain beautifully how trusting your vibes can be pretty useful for us and intuition must be trusted even if it defies logic. With all due respect for them, I disagree. You can surely consider what your intuition has to say, but silencing your mind and not looking for logic can mess things up. At the same time if you choose to believe only in logical reasoning neglecting your inner voice, you may land up in loveless relationships and unpleasant job situations.

The question that now comes up is that how do we do this? How do we learn this balancing act? The first step is not to deny your true feelings. If you find someone charming, accept it. If you are pleased with a job offer, thats okay. The second step is to balance the maiden, mother and crone aspects. You see the maiden aspect is carefree and playful. She loves humour and adventure. The mother aspect is nurturing and takes good care. The crone or the inner wise woman knows when enough is enough. She is the one who prevents the maiden from venturing too far into the dark woods


Goddess Hecate is a triple Goddess known to have all these three aspects in her. As we worship her together, we learn to own our heart’s deepest desires awakening the maiden within us. At the same time we learn to take good care of ourselves by adopting self care rituals and practices thus being sure to nourish our tired selves. This awakens the mother aspect within us. And we learn to understand when we are out of balance and discipline and are acting out of compulsion and not out of consciousness. Awakening the crone aspect deals with the shift from compulsiveness to consciousness.

When we learn to keep this three aspects in balance, we are able to tune into our intuition also being aware of the logical reasoning at the same time. Simple practices include meditations and self hypnosis to awaken the inner wise woman, giving up on binge watching shows and movies, eating healthy foods, good sleep patterns, reading self care books and having a printed self care journal with questions for self reflection. I know that being productive and disciplined is something we all really struggle with. So why not be kind instead of being disciplined. When we are kind and compassionate to ourselves we become aware and mindful of habits and relationships that are harming us, we become pretty clear on what brings us true joy.


Practising loving kindness towards myself helps the maiden aspect in me to do what she loves, the mother aspect in me making sure that I do daily rituals to release the stored negative energy which may include crying it all out, lighting candles and saying my prayers, stretching exercises to wind down and talking to my counsellor whenever needed. Loving kindness makes it easier for my inner wise woman to rise up and bless my troubled mind with practical yet powerful suggestions.

Balancing these three aspects is the starting point to balance your logic and intuition. It is a way to listen to our inner child and be aware of the mortal rules at the same time. May Goddess Hecate be with you on this blessed journey.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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