The Scary Godmother is here again( Making transitions with peace and freedom)

“But my dear, this might be the biggest mistake of your life. What if  it doesnt turn out the way you imagined. What if things get worse. What if you regret this later. You are safe here, why leave?”

So this is what I woke up to this morning. I am soon moving out of my hometown for a brand new job and my Scary Godmother has just been rambling ever since. She has so much to say to me. A part of me argues that she is pretty wise and it might be true to some extent. She does prevent me from getting involved in dangerous stuff like smoking, drinking, rash driving and so on. But things get a little messy when she just cant mind her own business.

We all are scared of transitions, arent we? Be it a major transition like death or a small one like getting married, we are all scared of them. Because we dont really know what lies on the other side. We have no idea how our married life is going to turn out, how we are going to feel in the new town or where we are going after we die. And thats the reason our beloved Scary Godmother gets a wonderful opportunity to make us feel afraid and worried.

What if some romance angels arrived at your doorstep on your wedding day greeting you with a warm, lovely smile and assuring you that things are going to be okay. What if some little ghosties visited someone’s death bed along with some guardian angels comforting the person that this transition is just the best thing for them.

Transitions can be scary. I am really afraid to move out. I have no idea how this experience is going to turn out. Every transition follows the priniciple of death and rebirth. We leave something behind in order to embrace new beginnings. And my Scary Godmother is trying very hard to convince me that the house I move to might be haunted and I will be living with a number of deadly ghosts. She is just so good at her work.

Transitions remind us that we cannot stay in our cocoon forever. The Native American Goddess Butterfly maiden helps us to embrace change and transformation. She helps us to understand that change is necessary for us not only because it makes us more evolved but also because she knows that our soul has chosen this path because we were stuck in a cocoon which was limiting us in several ways. She encourages us to break free from the cocoon, keep moving even when we are scared to death and if need be, make those choices fearfully.

The Goddess Aeracura helps us to cultivate patience as we go through this transition. A bride may be super frustrated as things may not be going as she planned, a new employee may be having a hard time in adjusting in the new workplace and someone nearing death may be too grief striken to see their blessings. Goddess Aeracura reminds us that just as a tightly closed bud takes time to blossom and open petal by petal, transitions too take their own time. What lies on the other side may be completely unknown to us just as a little bud has no idea as to what her life would be like once she is a full grown flower. But having trust in the process and remembering that there is a higher wisdom governing every transition, we can cultivate a peaceful mindset and be grateful for all the blessings being bestowed upon us.

What if you knew that death as a transition would turn you into a spooky little ghost who gets to stay in a beautiful mansion inhabited by Goddesses who simply adore him. What if you knew that afterlife may take you to an enchanted land of witches and fairies and castles and magic rivers and so on. We dont know anything and that is what makes us scared and upset.

Transitions can be scary and heart-breaking and we might be feeling too overwhelmed to leave something behind. Cindrella had to leave behind her beautiful glass shoe, Snow White had to leave her own kingdom and so do we have to make every small and big transition costume-dark-fantasy-39628to keep weaving our very own fairytales.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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