Namaste beloved light-workers. Thank you for supporting me on this beautiful journey. Today, I wish to speak about some common hardships that we all face in our lives.


Starting with the most common one. We all are judged by our family members, our friends, relatives and co-workers. Every aspect of our lives is judged by every single person we know and meet. It hurts. I know its does. I know that certain things must be spared from judgement, but the world just doesnt get it.

Spiritual masters say that kindness is the antidote to all judgement. But what exactly is kindness? What exactly do they mean by being kind to yourself and others?

Kindness is that nice warm cup of tea you serve yourself when you are down with cold, kindness is that prayer you say for those who hurt you, kindness is that wish you make that all beings be blessed, kindness is that time you take to decorate your room for halloween festivities, kindness is that congratulations you say to yourself when no one else says it, kindness is that nice new book you read by the burning fire after being criticised by others for being lazy, kindness is the number of hours you dedicate to a peaceful sleep, kindness is watching your favourite show instead of forcing yourself to change your choices, kindness is not only doing what feels good, it is indeed doing what is good. Being kind is good for you.


In my life, its still raining. I am still living a life which does not resemble my dream life in any way. I am yet to buy my own home. I have very few savings and almost nil or very little emotional comfort from friends and family members. Yes, its still raining.

I was listening to Matt Kahn and he said that in our lives wherever disharmony exists, we are not making the choices we should be making. He said that even if we are afraid of making those choices, we must make those choices fearfully. If I have no one to share my pain with, I do have a choice to spend some money on taking help from a good counsellor. If I feel caged in a job I have no apetite for, I can still start doing the things I love. If I feel uncomfortable because I havent met my dream mate yet, I can start looking at how my choices are shaping the way my life is.


So this is my mood at the moment. There is plenty of stuff in my life which stresses me out. There is a lot to be done, bills to be paid, savings to be made and so on. I feel upset, terribly upset. No blur-burning-candlelight-632044antique-art-beautiful-323340matter how hard I try, these haunting demons are back again every other moment. So I allow them to be. Halloween is spooky, yet enjoyable. And so is life. There is always something to be happy about. But the ghosts cloud our vision and not let us see it. As we celebrate Halloween next week, my message to you is to keep the fire burning by tending to your glow. No matter how upset and afraid I feel, I am going to download a new ebook (I just remembered I have rupees 200 in my ebook credits), watch my favourite show on television, listen to one of the speeches by the spiritual masters, keep writing my fiction blog as well, keep up my self hypnosis practice, listen to some beautiful songs, watch a good hallmark movie on youtube or another episode of the Miss Marple series and keep the flame of love glowing. Wishing you all a very happy Halloween in advance.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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