Living with the GHOSTS

Years ago I remember reading a beautiful story titled “Ghostville Elementary, Ghost class.” In this wonderful story, the fifth grade students had to shift their classroom to the basement due to the shortage of teaching space.


The poor little kids soon discover that their new classroom is haunted by the ghosts of centuries old students. The most appealing part about this story was that instead of trying to drive the ghosts out of their class, the students designed and created a classroom which was suitable both for the students of today as well as yesterday.

Everyday in our lives we are haunted by so many ghosts in the form of worries, financial distress, anger, rude neighbours, hectic work schedules and so on. We all are so hell bent on eliminating all our stress factors that we have almost forgotten that in life things can co-exist together. Hectic work schedules can co-exist with an organised life structure, rude neighbours can co-exist with pleasant social gatherings, anger can co-exist with kindness, financial distress can co-exist with work satisfaction.

Its not necessary to try to free ourselves of any ghosts. The ghosts can continue to stay and so can the keepers of light. Everytime we encounter any ghost like worry, helplessness, judgement, financial distress, we can take a nice deep letting go breath and remind ourselves that peace and calmness can co-exist with these. Each time someone judges you, say a few kind words to yourself. Every time you notice that you are having a bad day, do something as little as making yourself a nice warm cup of hot chocolate or green tea, tidy up a few things and do a quick short meditation followed by reading some nice verses. Trouble and peace can co-exist simultaneously.

I had a really miserable start to the day today. Things went crazy and I lost all control over my mind. I am still recovering from its after effects but I did grab my chance to read something nice and pen down my thoughts. Though I am emotionally exhausted, I ordered a few domestic items online and crossed them off my checklist, drank some nice fruit juice and now I am planning to do a mini self hypnosis. 

Allowing things to co-exist takes a lot of pressure off our shoulders. We dont need to be constantly stressed about being happy when it all works out. We can be at ease even when some things are working out. We can be confident even if we have not yet achieved our set goals. We can make some time for the things we love even on a busy working day. We can enjoy a nice afternoon watching good movies even when we have a long list of bills to pay. Let the ghosts be there, there is no need to be afraid of them.



Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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