Feeling awful because you are different?

“Hurry up! Catch that line. You are left behind!” yells the class teacher and the little one runs as fast as she can as she is afraid, just too afraid to miss the line.

Namaste wonderful souls. Thank you all for reading this post. Today, I wish to throw some light on why we so often feel ashamed and miserable. Ever since childhood our minds have been programmed to find peace and comfort in fitting in with the crowd. We are afraid of being left behind, just too afraid. We are all trying to keep pace with our neighbours and co-workers. We want to fit in and we try so hard for that.

None of us really likes being the odd one out. Although we have often been advised to embrace our uniqueness, we find it hard not to try to blend in with others. Our minds work that way and changing thisbeverage-blur-candy-260485 circuitry is surely not an easy job.

Lets keep it simple. Start with honesty. Its truly the best place to start with. Be super honest with yourself. Do you really feel that you are going the wrong way or is it just that you are alone on that way? Do you really need a new friend or you feel that you are incapable of taking care of yourself? Do you really want that job or you want that opportunity to brag about your accomplishments? The more you start being honest with yourself, the simpler it becomes to come out of this herd mentality.

The next very simple step is to be comfortable with your choices. We are programmed to find comfort in staying with the crowd. But are we truly comfortable? For instance, you may not at all want to attend that sports event but you are also afraid to miss out on it as all your friends are going to attend it. You may not want to apply for that job but everyone around you seems to be doing so. We need to understand what truly and genuinely brings us peace and comfort.

And a super simple step is to let the line go. You no longer need to run to catch that line. If someone cannot stay back to wait for you, let them go. True friends always look for you. They make efforts to be with you in all seasons of life. If you see your neighbours or co-workers make plans and work on them while you have no intention of doing so, take a deep breath and focus only on what you truly want for yourself. Whats the use of catching that line if its going somewhere you do not want to go. Not everyone and everything you loose is a loss. Some losses are real gains. Embrace your gain and let go of the pain. You surely do not wish to follow the crowd and land up in a job you have no apetite for or grab a bottle of alcohol which ruins your health or move into a city you dont really need to or force yourself to be someone you are not. You are too good. And its safe to be your very own self. Have a nice day ahead.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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