Feeling clueless and behind in life? Read this.

Namaste wonderful and powerful souls. Thank you for loving, sharing and supporting my work. So today I want to discuss about the shift from ambition to meaning. Dr. Wayne Dyer always spoke of this theory and I would really advise you to watch his movie “The shift” on youtube. Its amazing and I so love it.

I too was highly ambitious at a certain time in my life. Well being ambitious isnt a wrong thing. I mean we all have our own goals and plans which we are struggling to achieve. This keeps us motivated and active. But then there came a time in my life when nothing felt good. I developed a strong dislike for my profession, I started blaming everyone around me for all the wrong that was happening in my life and above all I lost all my sense of self worth. Now as I am trying to come out of this and see things differently, almost everyone around me seems to be sorted. They all have a clear idea of what they want to do with their lives and here I stand absolutely clueless as to what I should do. I no longer feel that sense of motivation I felt before. I dont know why.

You see while I was working at my older job almost an year ago, I felt miserable because I wasnt where I wanted to be. I felt awful because I hadnt accomplished my goals and I longed for respect from others. This is what ambition does to us. It places our source of happiness in the hands of others. Its good that we want to excel in that job interview. But have you ever thought about the why? Ambition says,”Go for it! Thats all you need for a good resume. Its your first step to success. Everyone is going to be so proud of you.” That sounds familiar, doesnt it? And thats where we all go wrong. The moment we start seeing things this way we start believing that all we need to do in life is to achieve one thing after the other and earn compliments from those around us. No wonder we are unable to handle failures in life.adult-bed-bedroom-698158

You may remember the great king Ashoka who gave up his dream to conquer one kingdom after the other. Why? Because he realised that so much warfare and bloodshed had no meaning. Thats the shift from ambition to meaning. No, I am not asking you to give up on your dreams. Its all about changing your perception. When you make this shift you realise that you want to excel in that job interview because its the pathway required to learn and grow and also earn more.

“Everything in your life is a
mirror of who you are.” Louise Hay

Sometimes in life we feel unmotivated and clueless. For instance while I work at my job everyone around me keeps on asking me about my future plans and suggests that I must apply for higher studies. The truth is that at the moment I feel no inner drive to do so. Why is this happening to me? The question of importance here is,”At the moment, whats most valuable to me?” And the answer is very simple,”To keep doing my work gracefully.” When I let go of my ambitions I was able to see life for what it truly is. I realised that my job is not just a stepping stone to success, it is success in itself. I discovered my hidden talents and passions. Instead of focussing on what I wish to get, I focus on working in full grace. I am not struggling to reach somewhere, I embrace this moment for what it truly is. I am learning to understand that being successful doesnt mean you have a six figure income or a bunch of people to praise you. Success means contentment. If you can learn to be content with where you are and what you have, achieving what you want becomes a million times easier.

Its very easy to get sucked up in the rat race especially when everyone around you is a part of it. I will tell you honestly. No matter how much confident I appear on the outside, deep within there is a voice in my head which says that the only thing that matters in life is what others think of me. How they see me is what makes my life successful. When people look up to me, thats when I can congratulate myself and celebrate my success. My whole life, I have been trying to do that. We all want to be popular and famous in our own little world.

Its only when the worldly glamor begins to fade that you see the real truth. In his beautiful poem “Anthem for the doomed youth” Wilfred Owen describes the horrors of war stating how awful it is that young soldiers die on the battlefield and many of them are even deprived of a proper funeral. Arent we creating the same horror in our lives? We have been taught to consider life as a battlefield where we are soldiers fighting for a job, the other applicant is our worst enemy and our thoughts symbolise the sounds of gunshots. What the hell are we doing? I have seen people say in their prayers that they would  be happy if the best of the job applicants are struck down by some disaster so that they can get the job of their dreams. I have seen jealousy and envy ruin beautiful friendships. I have seen people living meaningless lives struggling for something they dont even want. Yes, its true that we dont always get what we want. Sometimes we are stuck in a job we have no apetite for or a failing marriage, but if we can go through these phases of life gracefully, we have already mastered it all. Its okay not to have any plans as long as you are willing to work with grace. Its okay for people to call you a failure as long as you know your true worth. But its not okay to make your life a battlefield and wage a war against it all. If you are feeling lost and clueless, thats a million times better than going in the wrong direction, thats a million times better than living a messed up life and cursing God for it. Sending you all lots of love and healing.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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