Releasing the fear of death and suffering

Namaste wonderful and powerful souls. Hope that you all are doing well. Today, I was watching a video recorded by a young teenage cancer victim whose health slowly worsened as the recording progressed and she ultimately made her transition. Out of all the emotions I felt on seeing the video, the strongest emotion was fear. What if………….. And that was the moment I realised how we human beings do almost everything out of fear. We work because we are afraid of running out of money, we marry and make friends because we are afraid of being left alone, we have babies because a part of our mind is afraid of facing oldage alone. We lose weight because we are afraid of falling ill, we sleep well because we are afraid of ruining our very important meeting the next morning. We are afraid of falling a prey to dangerous diseases, we are afraid of being harmed and above all we are even afraid to love.

Yes, fear is a protective mechanism of the body. Yes, it does keep us safe. But will you call a life lived out of fear of death a life well lived. In one of his speeches the world renowned mystic Sadhguru said that when we are born, we dont know what we will do, we dont know if we will get married or have kids. There is only one thing we know and that is we all have to die. And yet it takes our whole life to come to terms with this fact. We may not realise but in every moment of our lives we are living in fear of death. We are afraid to go through painful procedures which are necessary for the treatment of certain diseases. We are afraid of losing our beauty, our charm and our money. We are just so afraid.

Is there a way we can release this fear? Is there a way we can watch such videos and not get frightened by them? Yes, there is a way.

“There is always a solution of the highest good.” Gabrielle Bernstein

Where does the problem truly lie? In our perception. A course in miracles says that a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. I work at my job because I am afraid of losing out on money. Yes, its true that I dont like my job. What if I shift my perception a little and change it to “I work at my job because I love the financial freedom it brings me while I continue doing the things I love.” This may seem a tiny little statement but these small and simple shifts in perception are exactly what we need. Lets take a few more examples from our daily life. “I will sleep well because I love how relaxed and energetic I feel in the morning”, “I eat healthy food because I love how light and strong it makes my body feel”, “I want to make friends because I love sharing my secrets and home with a nice person” and the list is endless.

“When you are filled with kindness, like a diamond, darkness can’t break you. If anything, it only makes you shine more.” beverage-blur-candy-260485Lindy Tsang

Slowly and gradually as we choose the path of kindness and compassion instead of pity and fear, we will realise how each moment matters, how an illness is only a sign from the divine, how death is only a transition, how oldage is a great time to reflect and contribute and above all, there is nothing which cannot be dissolved in the light of love.

“With God all things are possible.”

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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