How to work at a job you hate and create miracles

Namaste wonderful and powerful souls. Thank you for sharing, supporting and liking my work. So in this post lets talk about the constant stress we deal with when we work at a job we have no apetite for.

Trust me, its not easy. Getting up every morning and showing up at a place we neither like nor find happiness in is a stressful job. But finances are an issue and we have to hang around until we start making sufficient money doing something we love. So lets get straight to the point. As you read this post, you will be amazed to see how a simple shift in the mindset enables you to attain peace of mind.

Trust your heart’s desires. Do not question them. If you dont like your work, dont force yourself to like it. Our heart is the compass to our destiny. Our destiny is our highest calling. We have the freewill to answer that calling or not. So if you feel that the work you are doing is not in alignment with your heart’s deepest and truest desires, accept it instead of being stubborn and impulsive.

“I trust that the desires of my heart are placed there for a reason and I choose to honor them.” Rebecca Boatman

Remember that you have the power to write your own story. You are a powerful divine being and you can manifest the outcome you desire. But you must refrain from acting impulsively. Sometimes, you need to keep holding on. But dont you worry. Everyday, in everyway you can learn to shift your perception to experience miracles.

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. The first step in changing this perception includes stop trying to control the beverage-blur-candy-260485things which are beyond our control. Surrender brings peace and contentment. You can do absolutely nothing about your boss, your seniors, your co-workers and all external conditions. Sometimes, on a subconscious level we are trying to control all these factors which leads to added stress. For instance, your mind may be producing thoughts like,”I wish my boss doesnt yell at me today”, “Why cant my co-workers be nice to me?” “Why do I have to put up with extra workload?” “Why cant I get more days off from work?” We all are thinking these statements all the time. So even if you arent aware of it, you at the subconscious level are trying to control things you have no control over.

“It takes dedication and consistency to live well.” Colette Baron Reid

The next step is to release the blame-game. No matter how awful your working conditions are, blaming others wont make things easier for you. Take responsibility for how you want to feel. Clarity comes when you start working towards what you truly want. If you desire ideal workplace conditions with supportive bosses and helpful colleagues, you should start with practicing self-compassion by being super kind to yourself. This then extends to being kind to all. Start with self forgiveness and practice sending love to all to and letting go of the burden of resentments. Such daily practices coupled with sacred self care will bring you closer to how you want to feel which will eventually manifest in ways you could never have imagined.

“When we take responsibility for our actions, we claim a stake in power. When we blame others, we give our power away.” Grace Smith

Thinking and worrying about the future also creates misery. Live in the now because no other time exists. I understand that this is easier said than done but thinking about the future is another sign of trying to control something we cant. Do more of what lights you up. If you are planning on a career change or you are working on a dream project, keep going. You can write your own story in whichever way you want. All you need to do is to shed the old pattern of beliefs which are keeping you stuck. You have the power to earn a good sum of money working on something you love. All is takes is a shift in perception which starts as a moment to moment practice to train your mind to focus only on you and create only thats good for you.

“Deep peace  comes from writing your own story, instead of perpetuating the one that was written for you by your parents, society, and advertising companies.” Grace Smith



Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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