Dealing with loneliness and emotional distress

Namaste wonderful souls. Welcome and thank you for reading, sharing and supporting my work. My dearest blessings to all of you. So I have been studying a lot about hypnosis and training the subconscious mind these days. Its a really powerful fact that a simple change in the mindset can make life so much simpler and easier.

As I was studying about these things, I realised that a deep rooted subconscious belief is really affecting my life. So lets talk about it. In childhood, almost all of us listen to bedtime stories and fairy tales. Story telling is a great way to program the subconscious mind. So these fairy tales begin with a damsel in distress like Cindrella or Snow White and end with a prince charming arriving just at the right time to save her. There is also a mention of fairies and other enchanted beings and so on. Now all of us know that that things dont work this way. Then whats the problem? The problem is that while our conscious mind is well aware of this truth, our subconscious mind is still stuck in the belief system that we are incapable of handling the stresses in our lives and we need a prince charming or a fairy godmother to help us out. Our subconscious mind has forgotten the fact that we are our very own fairy godmothers.

As I grew up I began reading young adult novels in which a girl distressed by life lands in a new town where she instantly meets her best friends who help her with everything ranging from finances to finding a good partner. This again tricks the subconscious mind into believing that we are powerless unless we have a huge group of people supporting us. 

What these stories do not bring to light is that we dont instantly get all that we wish for and for heaven sake it isnt wise to trust people blindly. Yes, our conscious mind knows this. But our subconscious mind is still stuck in the same old patterns which are preventing us from moving forward.

One of the ways that I have personally found effective in getting rid of these thought patterns is self hypnosis and the use of hynoaffirmations. Other than that, what we read and see also has a great impact on our thought patterns. Being a little conscious of the books we read and the shows or movies we watch will surely help us out of our misery. Why is it that love stories or movies showing someone attaining instant richness are so liked? Because they are just reinforcing our subconscious beliefs in seeing our lover as a rescuer or wanting money to grow on trees.

When we say that we must take care of ourselves, this also includes taking care of what we allow to get into our subconscious minds. A healthy way of living includes keeping your subconscious mind free of any thought patterns which make you feel powerless and unlucky. We are all blessed in our own unique ways. Keep in mind that mostly your subconscious beliefs are ruling your life. So its better to keep them simple and true.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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