Release the blame-game

“Can you imagine how wonderful
it would be if every day you
learned a new way to let go of the
past and create harmony in your
life?” Louise Hay

In every moment of our lives, we blame so many people for our troubles. We blame those who betrayed us and misled us. We even blame those who care for us but do not agree with us on certain things. We go on playing this blame-game which does nothing but adds to our own misery. And the worst of all, it puts us in the mentality of victimhood.

No matter what has gone wrong with you in the past, you can take back your power whenever you want. And the simplest way to take back your power is to stop blaming others. No, I am not saying that what they did to you was right. But the moment you start blaming them, you train your mind into believing that your life is run at the mercy of others and you have no say in your own life.

Blaming others wont bring you out of the mess you are in. It will push you further down into the muddy bottom. It wont ever help you. To come out of this problematic situation, you must learn to take responsibility for your own life. Taking responsibility means not to accept what they did or said was right but to admit that its your job to start from this very moment and create the life you want. The famous coach Rebecca Boatman says that its good to admit that we are having an ego moment and stop right there. In an ego moment we are so blindfolded by that nagging voice in our heads that we even blame those who love us and care for us.

“It takes dedication and consistency to live well.” Colette Baron Reid

Its completely okay to have ego moments. Its best to try not to be too reactive and harsh with others in those moments. These ego moments present as intense irritation which are mostly triggered by a minor remark leading to a chain of thoughts reminding you of past incidents. In these moments, be kind towards yourself. Say a prayer or read a few verses on self-compassion. Honor your feelings, let them come up and start practicing forgiveness which means sending love to others to free yourself of anger and

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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