Steps to easily face all challenges

Namaste wonderful souls. This post is a really beautiful post which will help you in being more receptive to grace and healing. Through this post you will be able to understand better what surrender is and advance towards your betterment with no stress and worry.

What is love? What is attachment? Do they both go together? Can one exist without the other? Let me help you with this through some examples. For instance, you love dancing. It brings you joy and enthusiasm. Thats beautiful. Love is always liberating. Dancing makes you feel more confident and at peace. Thats love and is enlightening. Now you choose to make dancing your profession. So far, so good. But the moment you become too attached to your goal, thats when the trouble begins. The thing is that attachment to goals causes us to be obsessive and act impulsively. We shut off our hearts and minds to divine guidance and this adds to our stress and misery.

If we do what we love giving up on all thoughts of attachment, we will be more receptive and open to wisdom and it becomes easier for us to see things beyond our plans. Sometimes what we wish for does not come true. In these moments we feel lost and devastated. We feel angry and upset. The cause for this agony is not that love betrayed us but that we became so attached to our goals, plans, dreams and objectives that we forgot that we do have an existence beyond them as well.

Attachment in any form is highly destructive. It destroys our peace of mind and causes us to remain stuck in fear. It makes us feel helpless and victimised. And the biggest damage it does is that it makes us resistant to change. We put up with uncaring friends because we are too attached to being in their company. We refuse to accept that our circumstances need us to make a choice and we cannot have both the apple and the pie. Sometimes we become so indecisive that taking the very next step becomes impossible. Attachment is toxic for our souls.

The very first step to release attachment is to embrace change. Nothing lasts forever. People change, relationships change, your dreams change and wisdom lies in embracing this change. No good lies in holding on to things which no longer serve you. Outdated thoughts and ideas are a hindrance to your progress. 

The next step is to figure out the conflict between your heart and mind. The heart might want to wait and work while the mind insists on grabbing the earliest opportunity. When you truly understand what this conflict is, you must view this conflict understanding where you are holding on to things. Do you want to wait because you are too attached to your goals? Or do you feel that its wise to wait for a better opportunity? This will help you gain clarity and make better decisions.

So thats my take on attachment. Releasing all attachments makes the process of surrender simple and easy. It also helps us gain clarity as we become more open and receptive to

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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