Healing your fears of failure

colors-creativity-design-843229I was feeling really low yesterday and had no idea how to deal with all the fear and anxiety. I started feeling that I am delusional as I believe in my dreams when no one else believes in me. Wiping off my tears, I sat down to write some chanelled messages. The message which the Goddesses sent to me blew my mind away. It said,“Yes, you are delusional as you believe in things which do not exist. None of your fears exist for sure. Yet a part of you believes them to be true. Thats what delusion is.”

Yes, its true that we are all afraid of the unknown. Bitter past experiences and the fears projected on to us by others leaves us feeling hopeless and anxious about our worst fears coming true. But in the now, where all existence lies all we know is that we have a choice to make- to lean on love or to lean on fear. A Course in Miracles says that a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. And in this moment, we all have the choice to make this shift.

“Because when we are certain that we are being supported, we can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.” Gabrielle Bernstein

One of the most effective ways to make this shift is to surrender all our troubles to our higher self for healing. This is best done through prayer and meditation which enables us to shed off our cloak and connect with our inner light. Here is my post as to how our higher self helps us heal and trust in our own inner light.


Yersterday, I experienced a higly intense and beautiful meditation with Goddess Yemanya. She is the queen Goddess of compasaion and receptivity. Allowing ourselves to receive fully in each moment brings us back to love. In every moment, infinite blessings are being showered on us. All we need to do is to open our hearts through prayer and grounding and choose gratitude even in the midst of discomfort.

There is a tradition in Brazil in respect of Goddess Yemanya where people offer white flowers and small paper boats into the sea. It is believed that if the Goddess grants their wishes, these flowers and paper boats are swallowed up by the waves of the sea else they return to the shore. Once we have offered our troubles to the divine, its best to be receptive to all her blessings. It all begins with self-compassion. The more you choose kindness over judgement, the more receptive you are to divine grace.

Goddess Yemanya is also the Goddess of fertility. We all have conceived a dream, an idea or some inspiration for our dreamlife. We have a vision in mind which we so want to come true. We are all birthing a new world into being. The process of birthing our dreams into reality is often painful and our fears torment us. But its just a process we all go through. All we need to do is to be extra kind to ourselves, trust in the process and let our angels help us along the way.

“Living in the vibration of love, you become a walking blessing to others in invisible and mysterious ways.” Dr. Barbara de Angelis

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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