Gathering courage for tough times

“Kindness attracts miracles.”

Hello once again. So I was again feeling hopeless and a wonderful short story cheered me up. So this post begins with my narration of the story which has great lessons to offer and spark up your hopes. Do read and enjoy.


Once there lived a little girl with her father and wicked step-mother. The step-mother who never treated her well once decided to finally get rid of her. She asked the girl to go to the house of Baba Yaga and fetch her a needle and a thread.  She gave her a piece of stale bread, some scraps of meat and a piece of cheese all wrapped in a handkerchief to eat along the way. The girl was pretty afraid as she knew that Baba Yaga was a cruel witch who ate children with her iron teeth. But unable to say no, the poor one set out into the dark woods. She finally arrived at the gates of Baba Yaga’s house which made a horrible creaking noise.

The girl saw an oil can lying right next to her. She picked it up and put it on the gates and they opened smoothly without making any noise. She saw Baba Yaga’s dog who looked weak and hungry. The generous girl gave him the bread and the meat. At the door, she met Baba Yaga’s maid who was crying as Baba Yaga did not treat her well. The girl gave her the handkerchief to wipe her tears. Next, she was greeted by Baba Yaga herself who asked her to work at the loom until she fetched her a needle and a thread. The girl agreed and began working.

Baba Yaga ordered her maid to prepare a hot boiling bath in which she would roast the girl and eat her up. The girl soon became aware of Baba Yaga’s intentions and prayed for help. She saw a cat who was hunting for a mouse. She gave him the cheese she had sobbing as she told him about the trouble she was in. The cat agreed to help her out. He asked her to take the comb and the towel lying on the desk and run away as fast as she could. In the meantime, he would fool Baba Yaga by producing false loom sounds with his claws. The girl did as said and rushed out. The maid wanting to help the girl escape worked super slow in preparing the bath.

Out ran the girl whom the watchdog didnt harm as she had fed him well. The gates flung open without making any noise as she had put oil on them. By the time Baba Yaga got to know of her escape, the girl was already out in the woods. Baba Yaga brought her huge mortar and pestle and chased her through the woods. The smart girl threw the towel and a huge river appeared which Baba Yaga crossed with great difficulty giving the girl enough time to reach the end of the woods. As she was about to escape, she saw Baba Yaga flying behind her and threw the comb. A dense enchanted forest appreared which saved the girl.

All that the girl needed to escape was a generous heart. She had been well-equipped on her journey with the handkerchief, bread, cheese and the meat. She had all she needed to be free. 


I read this story long ago when I was a little girl. This teaches us the power of unconditional love which flows out to all irrespective of who they are. As you give, so shall you receive. The kind girl was helped by everyone along the way. Even with all her evil powers, Baba Yaga was unable to catch her.

When we step into the unknown which does harbour a few Baba Yagas in it, God has placed in our hands all that we need. All we need is love. All we have is love. Our faith is our guide while our hope is our torchlight. All we need is the courage to hold on to them.

“I choose love no matter what.” Gabrielle Bernstein.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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