Surrender to the divine timing

“And just when you think she could possibly not open anymore she opens and opens and opens and opens. She knows her time. And even though she may be more comfortable in her green state, when the time is right she surrenders to the intelligent force within her and takes up space.”  Rebecca Campbell.

In the above lines, the world renowned author Rebecca Campbell is talking about the beautiflower flower peony which starts off as tightly closed bud which soon opens up and blossoms into a breathtakingly beautiful flower when the time is right. Nature is the best example of surrender to the divine timing. There is a time for sowing the crops. There is a perfect time to harvest them as well. There is a divine timing for the fruits to ripen and there is a divine time for the leaves to fall off the trees. It looks so beautiful as one witnesses the nature living in complete surrender to the eternal grace of the divine.

Birds sit on their eggs patiently trusting in the  divine timing. An egg which hatches before time is no good as the offspring produced wont be healthy enough. Patience and trust are essential for the eggs to hatch. A divine timing is whats always needed for our heart’s deepest desires to come true in a way thats good for us

“If you have a stuffy nose, the fragrance of the flower means nothing to you.” Sadhguru.

In one of his lectures, Sadhguru compares divine grace to the fragrance of a flower talking about our receptivity to grace. When things dont go our way, waiting patiently for the situation to unfold as per the divine timing seems a tough job. Thats partly because we arent receptive to divine grace in each moment. For us to have faith that things will unfold as per the4k-wallpaper-close-up-colorful-1173576 divine order and there is a divine time which is perfect for us to receive all we need, we must allow ourselves to be in alignment with divine grace in each moment. The stuffy nose refers to our impatient mind which scares us with all sorts of horrible explanations as to what can go wrong. The best way to find inner peace is to give up on all your conclusions and see things with an eye free from all judgement.

Just as there is a perfect season for flowers to bloom, new leaves to grow, rains to occur and crops to be harvested, our desired outcome will also manifest at the perfect time. We may not see it coming but our heart knows that the universe is bringing to us all that we deserve.


“When you feel you have surrendered, surrender some more.” Gabrielle Bernstein.

I have heard a lot of people talking about manifesting and the law of attraction. I was listening to one of the coaches talking about this when she said that the final step is detachment which means being okay with not needing it. With all due respect for her, I disagree. Detachment simply means giving up on all your conclusions and judgements which helps in releasing resistance. What I say is,”Be unapologetic about needing it.” Yes, absolutely. Why not? You have been working on your dreams and you wish for the perfect outcome. Then why feel guilty or greedy about wanting success? Own your desires with pride and dignity.

Surrender to the divine intelligence within you to bring you all that you need at the perfect time in the best possible way. If you find it hard to surrender as I often do, strengthen your belief with this positive affirmation,”I deserve all that I wish for.”


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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