Believe in yourself

This post is mainly a few words of wisdom for those times when we are experiencing a breakdown in certain areas of our lives. We feel as if we have fallen off the ladder of success and our life is lost in darkness.


I watched the animated movie “Barbie of the Swan Lake” a few weeks ago. As beautiful the movie was, even more beautiful were the metaphorical messages it conveyed. The antagonist, a ruthless ruler had captured the swan lake turning the fairies into animals and ruining the bliss and beauty of the enchanted lake. Our protagonist Odet reaches the swan lake chasing a beautiful unicorn whom she generously helps. To her bad luck, she is spotted by the ruler and turned into a swan. Luckily for her, the loving queen who is also the ruler’s sister and a kind woman, blesses her and she is able to return to her human form only after sunset. Gathering all her courage, Odet makes a brave decision to save the swan lake from the nasty ruler.

What follows is her falling in love with a handsome prince only to realise that the ruler will become powerless once all his powers are dissolved by the power of true love. After a tough battle against the evil forces, Odet and the prince are defeated and fall down unconscious on the ground. But a miraculous turn of events occurs as their hands unite thus representing the bond of true love which overpowers all evil forces. 

The story I told you above has so many metaphorical messages that you will be left awe-struck. Odet did not choose to be cursed into becoming a swan. She was only chasing a unicorn. When we are chasing our dreams or lets say working towards them, there will be times when we will face challenges and obstacles. They may present in any form turning us away from our highest self. But our consciousness acts as the loving queen who reminds us of our true nature. The sunset symbolises letting go of doubts and fears which create a false sunlight which blinds our inner gaze. Once we let go of them, we turn back to our honest and courageous self.

The prince represents our own inner light. Falling off the ladder of success sometimes is a divine intervention so that we fall back into love. The light of love which is already within us is calling us to return home. And once we are in harmony with our own inner light, no amount of darkness can dim the light which shines from within.

The fairies turned into animals represent our own contracted selves. So often we dim our light due to fear of the society which represents the ruthless ruler. There was a beautiful scene in the movie where Odet was flying across the sky as a swan. The cruel ruler coaxes the prince into hunting down the swan. The prince does pick up his bow and arrow but he was so enchanted by the beauty of the swan that he was unable to kill her. Soon Odet reveals her true self to the prince and that marks the beginning of their love story. The cruel ruler here represents the fear voice in our heads which yells at us to crush our real authentic self. But pay no heed to this voice my love. Do not hunt down your dreams and desires as they pave the way to you being in alignment with your highest self. May there be love and light.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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