Dealing with lack of support and money troubles

So often, the cause of stress in our lives is the lack of love and support. We feel upset when those around us refuse to support us and uplift us. We need a shoulder to cry on, a person who sees us without judgement and we also need wealth in order to gain the freedom to live the life of our dreams. In this post, I am going to shine some light on the dark shadows within us.

The sky always looks wonderful when it is adorned with the seven colours of the rainbow. The white light splits into the seven amazing shades of colour with the water droplets acting as the prisms. When we embark on our spiritual journey of healing and well-being, we are taught that we are the light, the divine light. Thats a wonderful truth. But to add to this mystical knowledge, we must understand that our inner light or our true self isnt a single shade of plain white light.

We have within us a spectrum of different colours representing love, compassion, wealth, nurturing, caring, strength, power, wholeness, oneness, honesty, trust, hope, authenticity and so on. Its not just a spectrum of seven colours, but it includes a wide range of so many colour combinations that one cant even imagine.

We dont need to look for anything outside of ourselves. All that we want to manifest is already within us. But there is a problem here. What is it? Just as the white light needs a prism to spit into the seven colours of the rainbow, our inner light needs a prism too. Now what is this prism? You may call it consciousness or awareness.

When we feel that something is lacking in our lives, we are unaware of what lies within us. And thats because our entire life is a series of unconscious expressions. We talk, walk and act being unaware of our own divine nature. Each time when someone says something nasty to us, we become angry and miserable. Often times we yell at them or enter into unwanted arguments. Sometimes we dont say anything and keep holding on to bitterness and resentments. If only we think and act consciously, will we be able to tune into the energy of love within us. When we are in full awareness, we are able to come out of the illusion of separation as oneness is our true nature. We are all waves of the same ocean. In this knowingness, we are able to make a more enlightened choice of choosing compassion over anger and kindness over bitterness.

Often times we feel unsupported, unloved and uncared for. It brings us immense sorrow when we dont have anyone to support us in our troubled times. Once again, honor the divine light within you and become aware of its presence. Your consciousness now acts as the prism and you can see with your inner gaze the colour of being whole and loving. You attract the right souls to support you on your journey only when you are able to fall in love with yourself. Self-love isnt just a practice about journalling or going to a spa, its a moment to moment practice of being extremely gentle and compassionate towards yourself. And that occurs miraculously when you consciously tune into your inner light and honor it fully.

Very often, the lack of money makes us feel miserable. We feel upset that there isnt enough wealth for us and go on blaming the universe for our miserable conditions. Once you acknowledge your inner light, place the prism of consciousness in front of it. As the divine light within you  starts being tranformed into different colours, you shall slowly be able to see the abundance which already lies within you. It is in this state of awareness, that you will stop identifying yourself with the fear based thoughts your mind has been creating. Healing isnt about asking the mind to shut up. Thats a really tiring process. Healing is about training your mind to bring about the best in you. 

Well, I agree thats easier said than done but once you believe that you can do it, practice will make you perfect. The abundance within you may not always manifest itself as gold coins or winning a lottery. Sometimes it shows up as creative ideas to make some usable stuff by recycling old products or you might suddenly get a link to a free download of an e-book you have been waiting to buy(this one happened with me), or you might be led to a job which pays you more and is more convenient for you. But for all these things to happen, you must first allow your conscious4k-wallpaper-close-up-colorful-1173576ness to act as the prism.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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