Patience, trust, decision-making

Try to enjoy the unfolding and appreciate what it’s teaching you.” Jessica Dimas

You have worked so hard on your dreams. You have done almost everything you could. You have put your work out there and given your best. Yet, nothing seems to be happening. There are no profits and no signs of success. You dont know what to do other than patiently wait for guidance for your next step. And this is even harder.

Not knowing what to do next makes us feel worried and afraid. Our projects not making any profit leads to us feeling betrayed, frustrated, heart-broken and helpless. We end up feeling miserable as nothing seems to be going our way.

I know this feeling. So this post is dedicated to the power of doing nothing. Our mind is trained in such a way that all it knows is to take one step after the other. When we are at a certain point in our lives when we know that we must wait before we take the next step or decide which way to go, our mind cannot understand this and keeps on coming up with random thoughts and ideas. This creates confusion which might lead us to act in haste.

Prayer is an excellent way to bring your mind back to faith. As you pray for the highest good of your soul, you train your mind to trust in the divine timing. Your mind will come up with so many explanations of what can go wrong if you choose to wait. Each time you must bring it back to faith with a quick, short, prayer.

We need to understand that random actions cannot give us the results we want. To gain clarity on our path, we need to engage our minds in a focussed direction. A mind which is travelling in all directions cannot reach a chosen destination. We need to remember that inspired action always feels right on the inside.

Ruby Warrington talks about a should and must principle. She says if you cannot speak of your decision with a must, then it should be discarded instantly. She talks about how we must never allow the word should to be a part of our decisions as it can lead to us taking hasty actions due to random choices.

Another big trouble that we all face while waiting is the fear of deadlines. If we cannot figure out the next step before reaching that date, then we think that we shall get ruined. Sometimes, we really need to understand the fact that everything cannot go the way we have planned even if that means meeting the deadline. I know this sounds scary but thats how it is. This may annoy you but taking random actions with the sole purpose of meeting the deadline is never going to produce long-lasting results. Even if things dont feel good at the moment, you can be assured that they are happening for your good.

Trust is the magic word here. You can feel blessed for this period of wait only if you trust the divine within you to make things all right. It all depends on the way you look at things. You might feel that nothing happening or you can choose to believe that everything is happening in perfect divine order. Your trust must be unconditional which neans that no matter what happens, you trust that you beverage-blur-candy-260485will be put on the right path.

“The universe is smiling at me.” Aileen Xu.

The universe knows what you need and it also knows whats best for you. It is working on your behalf to bring in the best possible results for you. Trusting in this process and letting go of the outcome allows you to be more receptive to your own inner wisdom. Miracles flow naturally and things unfold in unexpected ways. Allow the situation to unfold naturally. May God bless you. Sending you all lots of love and peace.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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