Baby steps to success

“I’m a firm believer now that what little positive energy you put towards your intention is much more powerful than any negative energy you create.” Jessica Dimas

Every little step you take counts. Every little choice you make does make a huge difference. Its always the little things that matter. The moment we are able to realise this, we start moving out of the feeling of being stuck. Very often, this feeling of being stuck or a feeling that nothing is working out emerges from the constant lack of not taking baby steps out of the fear of falling down.

From where you are to where you want to be, is a journey that is best fulfilled by keeping your focus on the little things rather than the bigger picture. Often times the bigger picture appears blurred and our fear mind prevents us from taking even the very next step. This makes us feel even more miserable.

Love is the most powerful energy you can ever tune in to. Even a moment of being in alignment with this energy is way better than trusting the illusions of this mortal realm. Now just imagine that you are wanting to sew a beautiful gown for yourself. But you have only limited resources at hand. All you have is a piece of clothing and that too not of the required length, some old buttons, a shimnering lace and your threads. The baby steps you take include starting the work, using the piece of clothing until its fully consumed, decorating the buttons in the midline, sewing up the lace to grace its sleeves and then receiving guidance as to what to do next. And then surprisingly you you are gifted with an insight which leads you to the newspaper displaying an advertisement of a sale on clothings. Off you go and buy one which fits best for your work and take the next baby step of sewing it thus moving further ahead with your creation. Now as your gown is almost complete you feel as if something is still missing. You dont feel satisfied at all. And then miraculously, your angels guide you to take a walk in your garden where an aha moment strikes you. You borrow some fabric paints from your neighbour and start creating a beautiful floral design on your dress. Thats splendid indeed.

Had you kept wondering about the fact that how would you create such a masterpiece with the only resources you have, you would have not even taken the baby steps leading you to success. The problem is that when we place our attention on the bigger picture, our mind automatically gets stuck as it places its focus on the limitations or obstacles. The key to success here is to place your full attention on the little things and to infuse each baby step with the divine energy of love and

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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