Trust vs Doubt

I was reading about one of the myths related to Athena, the Goddess of skill and wisdom. It once happened that a young maiden named Arachne who was pretty skilled at weaving went about telling people that she was way better than the Goddess refusing to acknowlegde the fact that her skill came from the Goddess herself. Angered by her declaration, Goddess Athena and Arachne got involved in a weaving contest. While Goddess Athena weaved a tapestry depicting the noble deeds of the Gods, Arachne wove a tapestry showing how the Gods ill-treated the mortals. Towards the end of the contest, Arachne’s weaving was better but Goddess Athena was too angry at her audacity. She tore apart the tapestry Arachne had woven and touched her head to make her repent for her misdeeds. A guilt striken Arachne killed herself. The Goddess, taking pity on her revived her but sprinkled her with a curse which turned her into a spider. 

This myth is believed to show how the Gods punish the humans for their misdeeds. But I dont feel this way. So if you are reading further, I am going to present the metaphorical impact hidden in this myth. We are all often caught up in a battle between our inner mean girl and our highest self. Our highest self weaves a tapestry glorifying our talents and beautufying our faith. Her created tapestry reminds us of our divine origin and how at so many times in our lives, we have experienced miracles and synchronicities.

But our inner mean girl weaves a tapestry which shows the times our faith betrayed us and let us down. Her tapestry shows us as limited beings who are victims to a cruel fate. Our mind surprisingly finds this tapestry way better and sensible. But our highest self, in her full power destroys it. She knows that its an illusion and she creates situations in our life which enable us beverage-blur-candy-260485to see our own divine grace.

A guilt striken Arachne had killed herself but our shadow self never goes away. We must embrace her and bring her to the light. The moment we shine light upon her, she starts revealing to us our deepest fears so that our highest self can heal them. A spider’s web can be easily destroyed by the humans. Similarly, once we shine light on all our shadows, we can easily train our mind to stop believing in their woven tapestry.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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