Manifesting our dreams

I was reading about the cultural history of the stone amethyst which was believed to prevent intoxicaton. A poet had put forth a myth which said that once the God of wine and intoxication fell in love with a maiden whom he desired to have in his life. The young maiden named Amethyste had no wish to indulge in any of his advances. Wanting to remain chaste, she prayed to the virgin Goddess Diana who turned her into a white stone. Humbled by her devotion to remain chaste, the God of intoxication poured wine over the white stone as an offering and so emerged the violet stone Amethyst.

I was truly fascinated by this story as I absorbed all the spiritual lessons it has to offer. Often times in our life, we feel as if the whole world is after us. We are afraid of people trying to prevent us from proceeding on our chosen path. We are afraid of the circimstances and people who threaten our happiness. We all have the wish to remain free of these worldly advances to embrace our chosen path. What do we need to do then?

All our prayers are being heard and answered in the best possible way. It only depends on how open we are to receiving all these blessings. The maiden Amethyste gracefully accepted Goddess Diana’s boon of being turned into a white stone. Where we wish to be and all that we wish to manifest depends on how gracefully we accept all the blessings being showered upon us. Many times, we  pray that we wish to be free of misery. Our prayers are answered and we come across a random quote on compassion. Instead of opening up our hearts to be loving towards ourself and start learning about compassion, we deny these blessings. Its our denial that causes us to remain stuck in misery.

Suppose you pray for financial freedom when you are in times of financial distress, believe that your prayers are being answered. The world has no power over you if you are open to receiving all your blessings. The best way to do so is to give up on all your conclusions and embrace all that is being bestowed upon you. Do not deny the blessing of being cracked open as you think that it might not get you any money. Do not deny the blessing of surrender as you are afraid of letting go of control. Do not deny the seeds just because they dont look like a full grown tree. 

When you gracefully open up to receive all the blessings bestowedbeautiful-blur-bright-326055 upon you, you are magically turned into a more loving and compassionate soul. It then becomes easier for you to tune into your highest order of consciousness. The world then is humbled by your presence. It then offers you more love which gives a royal look to your enchanted existence. May God bless you.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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