Be a winner

My brother has this really amazing T-shirt on which its written “# Winning starts here.” What makes me even more amazed is that its written in the centre exactly covering the chest area. Now this is where lies our heart centre. I am referring not to the physical heart but to the metaphorical or spiritual heart. There is a constant battle going on within us. The battle between our doubts and faith, fears and hopes, logic and intuition, shuttind down and opening up, anger and compassion and so on. Every win in our lives begins with winning each of these battles.

I love thinking of my heart centre as a beautiful sea-green ocean adorned with the reflection of the  sparkling moonlight. In an ocean, as the night settles in, the upper layers of water cool down and being denser, move down pushing up the deeper layers. This creates some turbulence within the ocean. In our earthly experience, when there is a battle going on between faith and doubt, we can hear two separate voices in our head. Faith says,” dont worry. You are being watched over. You have a million guardian angels protecting you. Just open up your heart and listen to them.”

Fear says,”You are a jerk. Nothing is ever going to work out for youbeautiful-blur-bright-326055.” Thoughts of fear make the ocean of your heart cold and dense. The good news is that the deeper layers of faith are warm and waiting to rise up. Then what stops this natural process from taking place? You guessed it right. Its interference. Have you ever experienced a time when you were terribly worried about a particular outcome like an exam result or a financial issue? How did it feel? How were the waters of your ocean? You must have felt agitated and restless. Have you ever tried staying in that feeling of restlessness without trying to do or say anything? Very few of us can say yes. The worry has cooled up the waters of your ocean. But you wont let these cold layers sink down. How? You go on trying desperately to figure things out even though the wiser you knows that its better to be patient. You involve unwanted people and they burden you with even worse predictions of the outcome. The upper layers of your ocean are getting colder and denser but they arent sinking down.

Within you, lie the deeper waters of love, trust, compassion, forgiveness and wisdom. All you need to do is to let them rise up? Why do we deliberately prevent these waters from rising up? When the warmer layers of an ocean rise up and the cooler layers sink down, it creates a turbulence within the ocean. This turbulence when occurs in our lives, is what we call the conflict between the heart and the mind. And we do all possible things in our power to avoid this conflict.

We have a very hard time staying in the now because we find it very hard to surrender. The reason is that the moment we do so, love and hope starts emerging from the depth of our heart ocean and our mind revolts against it. Our mind has been gathering information over millions of lifetimes. Sadly, it hasnt had many experiences which support love and compassion. Our mind starts revolting against our inner wisdom and this leads us to suppress what wants to rise up.

The only way to resolve this conflict is to train the mind towards our benefit. How do we do this? Mind can only be trained through experiences. When fear comes up and the deeper layers of love want to rise up, the mind starts revolting. The principle is to make the mind understand that its safe to lean on love. I call it “mending the broken mind.” The mind starts instant processing resulting in conflicts. The moment trust tries to rise up, the mind suppresses it with thoughts of doubts. The moment wisdom wants to come up, the mind suppresses it with thoughts of agitation and hopelessness. And then its all a mess.

The mind is like the moon creating tides in the ocean of your heart. The tides will be created no matter what. The only thing that can be done is to witness these tides. Witness your thoughts, allow them to float in and out of your head. But remember that you are not the moon.You are the wisdom that lies deep within the ocean and which created it. When you stop identifying yourself as happy, miserable, afraid , worried and simply witness these tides of thoughts, you can easily train your mind to be conscious of your power. For instance if you are worried about your finances, your mind starts creating thoughts of worry, fear and anxiety. It created vivid images of your worst fears coming true. The moment you stop identifying yourself as a distressed person and realise that you are not your thoughts, inner wisdom and love starts rising upto the surface reminding you of your true nature. You awaken and realise that you are the creator  having this experience, you are not the experience. With every conscious choice you make of not identifying yourself with your thoughts, your mind gets trained to surrender and gives up the need to know more before its the right time.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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