Dealing with limitations

“When people say “I am human” they are talking about the limitations of being human, not the possibilities.” Sadhguru.

When we feel stuck in life with all doors appearing closed, the cause of our suffering is not the lack of possibility but our inability to own our true power. I am a divine being of light having an experience. I experience all sorts of thoughts and emotions. Its not these thoughts and emotions that create suffering. Suffering is created by a deeply rooted belief system which says,”I have no power over anything. I am limited to the confines of this body. I am trapped in the limitations of this body.”

This belief system stored in our mind creates a lot of misery. Hear me out my loves. The only way to look for possibilities is to look beyond all limitations and the only way to do that is to remember who you are and that can only be done through surrender. The monent you give up the need to know more and more, you surrender. If in this moment, you cant see a possibility, okay. Let it be. The harder you try to look for possibilities when you cant see any, the more you shift your focus towards the limitations. If no possibility seems to appear, surrender.

A possibility is generated when you surrender the situation to your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom knows no limitations. Decisions made at the level of the intellect are called choices while those made at the level of your inner wisdom are called miracles. Choices can be hard to make and may even go wrong but have you ever heard of a miracle gone wrong?

The thing here is that your inner wisdom only knows about that which exists and nothing exists but this moment. So if you arent getting an answer that simply means that in this very moment, there isnt any possibility. But dont let that fool you into thinking that there isnt any possibility at all.

Confusion is nothing but a collection of thoughts where each thought wants to manifest as an action. Thats the place where you need to learn to train your mind. You maybe experiencing a thought which in turn is generating an emotion. Some emotions feel good while some do not feel so good. People say that you should base your choices on what feels good. But that implies giving your power away to your thoughts which is nothing but stupidity.

Decisions made at the level of the inner wisdom have got nothing to do with the thoughts your mind is producing. Suppose you wish to write, your inner wisdom leads you to a free writing platform. Great decision. You wish to learn something, your inner wisdom leads you to the right set of books. Great decision. All these great decisions are what we call miracles. If someone suddenly goes from financial crisis to financial freedom, then dont you call it a miraculous transformation? What happened here? A series of great decisions. What else?

Tuning into this inner wisdom or your highest self is a fairly easy job. Stop letting your thoughts take the lead. Be it good or bad, stop identifying yourself with your thoughts which are nothing but the information your mind has accumulated over a period of time.

“Whatever you accumulate can be yours, but it cannot be you.” Sadhguru.

So when you surrender you give up the need to know more and more and stop identifying yourself with your thoughts, then you tune into the ocean of wisdom within you. And then, things just seem to happen. Books fall off the shelves, a random click leads you to an online course, your eyes just fall on something you have desired for so long, you suddenly meet the right person and the list goes on and on. Dr. Dyer describes this state as the God realised state where synchronicity becomes the law of life.

Years ago, when my brother and I were little kids I often used to ask him,” How can you be so cute!” And he would very lovingly say to me,” I am your brother, thats why I am so cute.” Does this make any sense? Maybe no. But this is a sign of training the mind to give up the need to know more and be aware of what truly is. A confused mind produces thoughts like,” Maybe you are cute because…………..”and then it produces an endless list of thoughts. But the inner wisdom says,” You are cute. You have a sweet sister.” So the confused mind gets trained and sees a new possibility of developing loving relationships.Tuning into your inner wisdom doesnt mean that your mind isnt working. It simply means that you are training it to work in a direction which is for the highest good of your soul.

Now you might be wondering how to differentiate between thoughts and possibilities? A thought is what your mind creates. It is created on the level of the intelect. Thoughts might say,” You need money, go find a job.” And then you start stressing yourself over finding the right job coupled with the anguish of not having a job. The moment you stop identifying yourself with these thoughts, you ease into the flow and let things unfold naturally. Your inner wisdom leads you to exactly the right set of firms you need to apply at. And then you dont show up at the interview as someone who needs a job, you show up there to do your job. Thats what a possibility looks like.beverage-blur-candy-260485





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