Overcoming fear and self-doubt

Are you afraid of the divine will? Do you doubt that your wishes will ever come true? Do you feel that God isnt listening to you? Or do you feel that its very unlikely that your desires will ever manifest? Trust me, I too feel the same so many times.

But the moment you say that you arent separate from God you tune into your highest state. In this state what Dr. Dyer calls the God-realised state, how can your wishes be separate from the will of the divine? But are you truly in this God realised state? It doesnt matter whats happening on the outside, but on the inside do you feel content and happy? This state encourages service and passion, forgiveness and compassion. And your heart’s truest desires come in accordance with the will of the divine.

In this human experience, we all are bound to feel afraid. Thats not the problem. The problem is your trust in your fears. We need to embrace our fears, not trust them. To embrace is to surrender to divine grace. When you consciously witness all your fears and surrender them to divine grace, thats when you truly embrace them. Embracing your fears does not mean that you start believing what they tell you.

This is beautifully explained by the renowned author Marianne Williamson who explains the concept of positive denial. It says that we do not deny the darkness, we recognise the darkness but deny its power over us. Witness your fears, recognise your miserable circumstances, but remember that they have no power over you.

I know thats easier said than done and its really difficult to keep going when nothing seems to be working out. Lets seek the example of an eagle. Eagles have always been a great source of fascination for me. I used to sit on the terrace studying in the broad daylight and I would start getting tired as the afternoon approached near. But then I would look at the powerful eagles flying high up in the sky still searching for their prey. Their vision and skill is incredible. I did a little more research on eagles and discovered an interesting theory. When the mother eagle teaches her eaglets to fly, she pushes them off the nest. Now these tiny afraid babies jump back into the nest. An eagle’s nest is made up of several layers which includes a layer of thorns. The mother eagle removes the upper layers until the layer of thorns is exposed. Now when these tiny eaglets jump back into the nest, they are pricked by these harsh thorns and have no option but to fly. If they do fall off the cliff the father eagle catches them in time. When nothing seems to be working out and we are encountering more and more of thorns on our journey, its might be a good sign that we are being taught to fly. And even if we do fall off, we have the divine within us to protect us and keep us safe and happy.

“EVERY NO BRINGS YOUadult-boat-candle-265823 CLOSER TO A YES.” Doreen Virtue.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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