Feeling lonely when in distress

Feeling lonely is an awful thing. You may be surrounded by quite a lot of people but you have no one with whom you can safely share your feelings. It isnt really easy you see. We all need someone to speak our hearts out to. We all need a gentle tap on the shoulder and a warm loving hug. But fate has it and we end up all by ourselves.

Sorry, if you dont like my ranting but I really feel too ill at ease today. You know sometimes all you want is to let it all out. And its frustrating when no one is willing to listen. So I say it here. But in these past few months, I have learnt a really important thing and that is no matter in what situation you are, its really important to take good care of yourself. I really try to be loving and kind towards my own self.

Daily stresses and miseries often leave us feeling physically and emotionally drained. And with no one to cheer you up, its really hard to go through this time alone. Often in these times, I really dont feel like doing anything and that makes me even more miserable.

So I choose to replace my heavy distressing thoughts with some lighter ones. If you are in some kind of a problem or distress, it isnt necessary to keep thinking about it the whole time. Distracting yourself is pretty essential else you will go crazy. No, it isnt wrong to distract yourself from the mess. How else are you going to release all resistance?

The more you focus on the problem, the more lonely you feel and the more lonely you feel, the more you think of the problem. Believe me people, thats truly a never ending distressing cycle. What to do? Stop giving a f*ck about it. Well, you did all your work and are still doing all that you are capable of doing. And  no one can ever do what they arent capable of doing. So thats what is surrender. Stop giving a f*ck. Sorry, if you dont like it but thats my mantra. Whenever a shit*y thought pops up in my head, thats how I address it.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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