Dealing with difficult people and money troubles

For this post certain concepts must be understood pretty well. The art of surrender creates bliss and magic if understood well. Hence before you read this its quite advisable to read the post below.

Now lets talk about dealing with difficult people. Yes, those annoying ones who are always bothering you and projecting their fears on to you. Yes, it includes all such people be it family, co-workers,friends,relatives and sometimes even mentors. Why are they called difficult people? Whats so difficult about them? Are they difficult to handle because they just cant mind their own business or are they a hindrance in whatever you want to do?

I the creator says,”The word difficult is an illusion. Everything is easy. I created this body to enjoy this experience with ease. When I didnt create anything difficult, then where does this difficult come from? It comes from your own thinking. If someone acuses or abuses you, you find it difficult to deal with. I say dont deal with it. Why do you have to deal with it?”

My mind says,”These emotions arent under my control. If someone makes me feel upset, I find it really hard to overcome this feeling.”

I the creator says,”Thats where you are getting it all wrong. No one can make you feel upset until you are in harmony with me as I am pure joy. Their words and actions hurt you because of two main reasons. The first is that a part of you believes what they tell you and the second is that you believe that they have some power of you. You believe that your parents can throw you out of the house, you believe that your boss will fire you and you will be left with no money. The issue here is that you think that money is an issue. And when you think so, you harbour all the wrong beliefs. Money is not an issue here. I can create it as easily as I created the stars and the planets. But to create money, you must first stop identifying yourself with money. You need to understand this that you never earn money. Money is created through you and for you. I can only create for you what I can create through you. But when you make money an issue you disturb our harmony and numb out my presence.”

The mind says,”But isnt money an issue when you have no food on the plate? Money gives the liberty to live the life we dream of. Isnt it so?”

I the creator says,”I didnt create these mountains with money. I didnt fill up the oceans with money. Money is just an experience and nothing else. And I am not any experience. Yes, I am going through this experience but I am not this experience. Money is an experience and I have full power to create this experience.”

My mind says,”Isnt it difficult yo make money when everyone and everything seems to be against us?  And when everyone is tormenting us with their mean remarks?”

I the creator now smiles and says,” You know way too much and that is a problem. The issue is that you know everything about nothing. If you knew nothing but love because nothing but love truly exists, then there was no such problem. Nothing could have affected you. When a person says something mean, you know that and that is the problem. You know the meaning of those words when in reality those words dont mean anything. If someone calls you a pig, then isnt it meaningless? Sure it is. But you know that there is some meaning in it and you feel sad about it. Whats the meaning here? You know way too much. You know that being called a pig is an abuse. And that is the problem. 

People say meaningless things the whole time. For instance, you dont have a job at the moment. Your parents say that you are unemployed and a liability on them. You feel bad. Why? Because you find some meaning in it. Thats stupidity. The term employment and liability are meaningless. I am the creator and I create jobs and food and everything. And when you are in harmony withadult-boat-candle-265823 me you will know that what you know is meaningless. Its your knowing that creates the problem, not their saying.

Money now does not give you any liberty. Our harmony does. I the creator is not bound by anything. If I want food to eat, I can create that through this very experience. If I want a big lavish house to live in I can create that through this very experience. But the question here is that I start with nothing because nothing exists. You see I didnt create these rivers with money. But you need money to build a dam? Isnt that what you think? Here is the issue. You are overloaded with ridiculous stuff. You need materials to build a dam which you buy with money. So if you want to experience building a dam, you go through another experience which creates money. Similarly if you wish to experience living in a lavish house you have to go through another experience which creates money. This experience can be anything you want. As long as it creates goodness, it will create money. But you know too much about everything. But the truth is that you know nothing because nothing exists. You say its hard to build a good house. Why? Because you know something about it. Now I dont know what you know. You say you have experience and knowledge but I say that you are overloaded with trash. The moment you draw any conclusion about a situation, you remove me from the situation and then what you experience is rigidity or immobility and you say that nothing is working out. How stupid. I the creator works in harmony with you only when you release all conclusions. Because how can I create something when you have already drawn a conclusion about it? The moment you say something is hard or impossible, you have driven me out. I do not work where conclusions are drawn and limits are imposed. I work in limitless ways which you call miracles. I can create money through you. As much as you need and that too easily, only if you are willing to go through the experience knowing nothing. Because when you know nothing, we work in harmony and create and create. But when you claim that you know everything about something which doesnt even exist, you are all nuts. And then we cant work together.”

“An open mind that does not draw any conclusions and a simple mind which releases all judgements about a particular situation works in harmony with the creator and creates miracles.”

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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