adult-bed-bedroom-698158Surrender is one thing which has always left me confused. People often talk about the law of attraction and the final step they speak of is to release and relax. Now thats quite all right when you are trying to manifest a new pair of shoes or a nice place to live in. I mean getting your favourite piece of clothing when you enter a shop is always a matter of luck. There isnt much work required here. But surrender sometimes makes very little sense to me while working on my dreams or putting in efforts with a certain vision in mind. 

Everytime I get to work my mind drifts into two types of “what-ifs”. The first one focuses on what if my dreams do come true and the second one frightens me with thoughts of what if they dont. Now how am I suposed to release it all? I mean I simply cannot ask my mind to stop dreaming. Can I?

“You cannot do whatever you want to do but you can be however you want to be.” Sadhguru.

Before understanding the concept of surrender, there are a plenty of truths you must be well aware of.


I am the creator, not the created. This body is created for sure. But I am not the created. I am the creator. I created this body to have this experience. I designed it so that I can enjoy this experience.

Now my mind asks,”If I am the creator then am I supposed to know everything  about my past, present and future.” The answer is no. Why? I know nothing because nothing exists. The past is nothing and so is the future. What once was everything is now nothing. And what is now nothing will soon be everything. So I know nothing.

My mind now says,”What about the now then? The present moment does exist.” And I the creator says,”Yes, the now does exist. And I know everything about the now because the now is the only thing that exists.”

“What do you know about the now?” my mind asks. I the creator replies,” I know that I am breathing. I know what lies underneath my feet. I know how I am feeling. I know if I am hungry or not. I know if I am thirsty or not. I know if I am alone or not. And yet I know the ultimate truth and that is I am none of it all. I am experiencing it all joyfully. I know nothing but joy. I am love and all I know is love.”

“Then who is it that I worship? Who does  the heart of this body speak to? Whose vision do I have? Where are all those deities whom I worship?” asks my mind again.

I the creator says,”You can worship whomsoever you like as long as you are able to see them in you and you in them. As long as you see them as separate from you, you will never take the responsibility of creating. I create things for you and I also create things through you. I created this body and through this experience I am always creating.”


This is the very next question my mind asks. I the creator replies,”Fear has no independent existence. When you the experience starts numbing out my presence, you start experiencing fear. Thats quite simple isnt it? When you numb out the grace of the creator, where does the love come from? And with the love gone, you start experiencing fear.”

“Why do I numb you out?” asks the mind. I the creator replies,”Because you know too much. You have phobias because you know all the primitive information and evolutionary phases which have no existence now. You know way too much. And I know nothing. When your too much collides with my nothing, it doesnt get any answers. The problem is that you want to know too much and I dont want to know anything at all.”

“Then why did you create me this way?” my mind asks. I the creator says,” Well I gave you memory you see. I gave you intellect you see. But all you are is an experience. You are an experience which is going through phases and processes. I made you curious which is marvellous. You know all the evolutionary basis as old as 200 million years and that makes you a great storehouse. But when you start numbing out my presence, you start experiencing fear in place of  love and fear feeds your curiosity. Fear tells you to hold onto everything and you go through lifetimes and lifetimes carrying all the trash with you. Now you tell me what relevance does the information of one lifetime have in the other lifetime? Nothing. And yet you refuse to release it. And then you experience irrational fears which create doubts and phobias.”


Finally, my mind asks this wonderful question. I the creator says,” I am glad we got here. You must understand that nothing exists. Most of your stored information has no relevance because it applies to nothing. There is no future and there is no past. You are an experience and you experience what you create. And you cannot create in the now using the information which applies to nothing. The only thing which applies to the now is love. Having curiosity is no big deal if you are in the conscious awareness that nothing exists. Whatever you feel curious to do must pass through the filter of love. Not all curiosities lead to pleasant experiences. When you set out to satisfy your curiosities losing touch with me, you cannot experience goodness.

Surrender is the end to the want to know more. This is the biggest greed you have which creates disharmony between us. You need not know anything because you already know everything about what does exist.

When you are struggling with a phobia, you want to know where it came from and you even want to know how to get rid of it. The same is true for every health problem you experience. Why do you want to know about the non-existent when you know everything about that which exists. You know that you have a phobia. You know how it makes you feel. You are experiencing that feeling. When you surrender and give up the need to know anything more, you are in harmony with me which means that you are in harmony with love. And when all creation occurs from a place of love, all you experience is joy and goodness.”

Let me tell you a story my grandfather once told me. Once there was a man who suddenly fell ill. He goes to the local hakeem. The hakeem checks his pulse, examines him well and then says,”I am sorry. There is nothing I can do for you.” The man upset by this information starts walking back home. On his way through the woods, he suddenly fainted and fell in a drain into which a snake had vomitted. On gaining some amount of consciousness he drank some water and suddenly felt better. He rushed back to the hakeem to tell him about this miracle. “That had to happen,”said the hakeem,”I knew about the cure but from where in the world could I have got you a snake’s vomitus. I never knew it would come to you this way.”

I the creator says,”What are you looking for? Give up this need to know more. You already know everything. When you no longer wish to know more and more, you harmonise with me and when you do so you are creating from a place of love and now you no longer wish to hold on to everything. This is surrender which enables you to release and relax.”


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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