Replying to mean remarks

Should I reply back? This is the very question that strikes my mind when someone says something really mean to me. I feel so angry that I really feel like saying something that will shut them up. But lets take a deeper look at what this creates.

When someone throws a rock at you, its always wise to shield yourself. But when you choose to reply or yell at someone who said something mean to you, you are making a choice to stand there and let that rock hit you with an intention of throwing it at your oponent once it hits you. Seems stupid, isnt it? But thats what we often do.

You have only one shield in this case and that is love. Only and only love will protect you. Loving yourself begins with honoring your wounds which means you give yourself the liberty to feel all those unpleasant emotions. Feel that anger, journal it out, yell it out and soon you shall see the pain beneath that anger. Embrace that pain.

Now its time for some self compassion which begins with loving kindness. When someone says something mean to me, I try to be super kind and loving towards myself. I say nice things to myself and do things that make me feel better. When I am able to give myself the love I need, it becomes very easy to extend my love towards them. I am then able to see the light in them and send them love.

I have been constantly writing about forgiveness which simply means giving love for yourself. You wish to be free of this bitter experience and only love will set you free. So you love yourself and give them love too. The moment you are willing to forgive, you invoke your inner divinity which heals you of all the pain.

Bless each word they spoke as it has given you a chance to open up your heart and send them more love. They truly need that love. And when you give love, it comes back in surprising ways. Cut the toxic cords and set yourself free. May God bless you.beautiful-cute-enjoyment-460307


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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