Dont stress over getting thin

Hello my loves. I hope you all are doing well. And if not, dont worry its all going to work out in the end. So today I am going to discuss about loving your body and taking care of it, weight loss and how to get to work the easy way.


In today’s world, this is something which is no longer tolerated. But still there are those friends, family members and relatives who think that they have all the right in the world to judge our bodies. They comment constantly with remarks like,”You shouldnt wear that dress, Cover up your tummy area, O my your arms are so heavy, Lose that extra weight and you will attract the right partner.” No need to listen to this bullsh*t. Just because your tummy is a little plump or your hips are heavy, doesnt give anyone a license to tell you to hide them. We have this notion that the tummy should not stick out. Why? Whats the big deal? If you dont like it sticking out, then fine. You can always put on something else. But if there is a dress you really like, then why put it away just because your tummy isnt being sunk in or covered up. There isnt any big deal about it. Whats there to hide? You arent going naked.

Similarly, there is this issue with bo*bs. You wont believe how many people had recommended me to wear a padded bra a few years ago. And now when I have gained some weight, those creatures are after my life to cover up my chest area. Love your body people. Love it the way it is. Wear something that you like out of your own choice. Do not let someone’s opinions be your guide.


How do you speak to your body? Do you feel grateful for it or are you always cursing it? If you do not give it love, you are disrespecting your own self. Your body is a masterpiece embodying the divine essence. Self-respect comes from within. If you do not love your body unconditionally and treat it with respect, nobody else ever will.

When we begin our weight loss journey, we often say things like,”I want to go back to looking sweet sixteen, I want to go back to my previous image.” This is a pathetic inner dialogue. Change it. There is no going back. We are moving ahead. “I AM READY TO MOVE AHEAD AND EMBRACE THIS AMAZING TRANSFORMATION.”


Start simple, keep it light. You can start with a few streching execises with nice, soft music playing in the background. Start your journey by something as simple as taking a walk or some simple yoga postures or skipping or dancing, whatever you like.


This makes weight loss a lot of fun and keeps it stress free. Day one you go skipping. Day two you do a nice yoga workout. Day three its time for some hard core pilates. Day four you take to dancing. Day five you go for an early morning run and day six you repeat. This isnt a schedule for you to follow. I am just trying to explain how incorporating different forms of exercise into your weight loss journey seems so much fun.


I am only going to suggest some really minor and stress free changes. You can start your day with a whole grain breakfast instead of some fried or sugary stuff. An oatmeal breakfast is easy to make and quite healthy. We often tend to eat a lot in between the meals. To prevent yourself from munching on potato chips and chocolate bars, keep some salad with a fresh lemon squeezed on it in the refrigerator. Anytime you are hungry, you know what to eat.

Stop buying cookies from the market. Cookies have a lot of sugar in them and they are mostly consumed with tea, milk or chocolate drinks. You surely do not want to get that amount of sugar into your system. Start baking cookies at home and set one particular day for it. You can enjoy them once or twice a week.


Do not embark on a weight loss journey if you dont feel ready for it. Maybe you are overloaded with work or you are struggling with some emotional wounds. Keep it light. Do some gentle yogic breathing exercises and start doing a few stretadult-bed-bedroom-698158ches each day. You are the one who matters the most. Love yourself so much that all you attract is love.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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