Cant stop worrying? Read this.

“Forever is composed of nows.” Emily Dickinson.

Sometimes bringing our mind back to the present moment seems to be the hardest job. The mind is so caught up in the past and the future that it tends to forget there is a present as well. We sit there dreading that the worst possible outcomes will come true. We are totally engulfed by sorrow and worry. Each of us wants to live happily forever. But every forever begins with a now. If you can embrace the present moment with grace, you have made already made it big.

This is really isnt that easy when nothing seems to be going well. Everyday is spent in misery and fearing future. But even then you can at lest take a deep breath and do that one thing which makes you feel a little better. Maybe its a short meditation or listening to your favourite song or reading a few pages of a daily devotional or maybe you need to journal it all out. It doesnt necessarily have to be anything big. You can weep it all out and then choose the simplest route to feel better.

“Start designing your life. Stop living a reaction to everything.” Lauren Zander.

How much say do you have in your own life? No, I am not talking about your state of doing. Here I am asking about your state of being. You have no control over how things turn out. So you constantly feel overwhelmed and distressed. I know how it feels. The fear and anxiety is really hard to deal with.

Stop living your life reacting to fearful situations the whole time. It is surprising how an unpleasant event can affect everything from how things are on the outside to how we feel on the inside. The magic trick here is that the inside and the  outside are not two different realms. Until you stop seeing them as different, you wont stop treating them as different. And that is where the magic lies.

The inner realm or the realm of the spirit knows nothing but love. Everything else is an illusion in this realm. The moment you start believing in this illusion, you create an outer realm which we call the mortal world. Believing in love makes you aware of the inner realm and solely believing in love teaches you that there is only one realm which exists.

“Inspiration is the way God answers our prayers.” Syma Kharal

In stressful times, we often feel that our prayers arent being answered. But we do experience moments in which we feel fully inspired. Thats called help. As Dr. Dyer says it that inspiration means in-spirit. We are connected to our very own divinity in these moments and thats an answer to all our prayers only if we are wise enough to reconnect with love and let all illusions fade away.

“When I hit rock bottom, I realised that God is in that rock too.” Syma Kharalboiled-egg-bread-egg-160850

You know these days I so often feel that God is nothing but a cruel wicked dictator who has no respect for my wishes. Yes, I do feel this way when nothing seems to be working out. But the truth here is that nothing is working out maybe because we arent letting God to do the work. We are so obsessed with the urge to interfere and control all outcomes that we forget to surrender. You cast your wish on a fallen eyelash and then blow it away to the universe. Thats a sign of surrender. All your wishes are always taken care of. Now please dont say that you have wished so many times on a fallen eyelash and none of the times were your wishes granted. Thats happened with me too. Why? Because a wish is a call for help, a prayer for love or to put it simply a desire of your soul. Its not a dictate of your fear mind which mostly happens when we wish for things we never truly want. Its your deepest and truest heart’s desires which you are placing in the hands of your beloved Goddess.

Trust is the magic word here. Dr. Wayne Dyer says,” Trust in the wisdom which created you.” Sadhguru says that within you is the creator who created you. So why walk all around the world in search for help. Tune in to that ocean of love within you and let it guide you on your journey. May love prevail.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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