Healing tyrophobia


Tyrophobia is basically a fear of clusters of holes or irregular patterns. On looking at these patterns feelings of anxiety are triggered as our mind associates them with holes on the skin. I cannot describe how creepy it feels like. I feel itchy all over my body and on looking at clusters of holes even on something as usual as a washbasin makes my skin crawl and gives me goosebumps.

I started my healing journey by praying for divine help which then lead me to a youtube video on havening touch. Its a really beautiful practice which eases the symptoms to some extent. You can read about this or watch certain videos on youtube. It helps in conditions like PTSD, tyrophobia and maybe some more.

However, it did not come that easy. I am doing this practice regularly and yes, it does help me to some extent. But this alone hasnt been enough for me. So my loving angels helped me to create the following meditation. You can use any soothing music for this.


Sit down comfortably in a quiet spot and put on the music.  Put on your ball-blur-candles-278587earphones for a better experience. Make any necessary changes as per your comfort level.

Take a few deep relaxing breaths. Do not try to resist anything. Close your eyes gently and continue breathing. Now imagine three claypots placed in front of you. Each of them has holes in it. The first one has big holes, the next has a little smaller holes and the last one has very fine holes in it. Look at each of these clay pots. Do not resist your feelings. Allow them to come up. You might be feeling itchy and creepy. Focus on your breath. Inhale love, exhale fear.

Now see yourself placing a beautiful white glowing candle in each of the clay pots. Do it very slowly. Now observe the first clay pot with big holes. See the soft and gentle flame of the candle glowing from within. Now look at the next claypot. See the shimmering orange flame of light peeking through the holes. And now finally look at the third claypot and see the soft flame of light sparkling through its holes. Keep adoring them and keep your focus on your breath.

Now slowly see yourself taking out the candles from the clay pots. Now you are holding a huge gold container containing clear, cool and holy water. See yourself pouring this cool water into the first claypot. See how the stream of holy water makes its way out of the holes and falls upon your feet. Feel the cool water falling upon your feet. Take a few deep breaths here. Do the same with each clay pot.

Now imagine yourself standing in a beautiful field or garden on a cool windy day. See a lotus seedpot or any plant with holes which usually triggers your phobia. Allow all feelings to come up. Do not hold back anything. Allow yourself to bring up the feelings. Keep breathing deeply.

Now imagine that there is a beautiful angel with a soft loving smile who is holding that plant. See yourself holding in your hands a bunch of wishing puffs. Now very slowly and gently place 2-3 wishing puffs in one of the holes saying,”I pray for healing” as you place each wishing puff into the hole. Now observe what the hole looks like. Continue this process for each hole one at a time. Keep your focus on your breath as you look at the all the holes filled with small wishing puffs. Now bow down before the angel and see as she ascends into the heavens with all your prayers and wishes. Feel the cool breeze on your skin and take a few deep relaxing breaths. Inhale love, exhale fear.

Now imagine any image with holes on the surface of the skin. Most of the images are photoshopped and arent real. Imagine the image and allow all feelings to come up. Keep your focus on your breath. Now imagine three people in front of you. You neednt imagine any faces.  For example you can visualise a person’s back with multiple huge holes in it, someone’s hand with smaller holes in it and someone’s neck with pits or bumps in it. Feel fully all those nasty feelings.

Now see your beautiful guardian angel standing behind you. She takes your hands in hers and blesses them with healing touch. Now your hands are glowing with soft white light. See yourself advance towards the back which has holes in it. Feel a sense of kindness, love and compassion. And now, very slowly place your thumb and index finger on two sides of a hole and pinch the skin together saying,”I pray for healing.” See the light spreading on the surface of the skin as the hole dissolves or closes and all you can see is healthy glowing skin. Continue this practice separately for each hole.

Now imagine that you are outside on a cool breezy evening. The sun is setting in the sky and fast cool winds are hugging you. Imagine a beautiful soft white light descend from the heavens above. Feel and see how it touches every surface of your skin creating a soothing sensation. Feel this soothing touch on your scalp noticing how the glow makes you feel and continue slowly until you reach the soles of your feet.

Now open your arms wide feeling the winds flowing past you and say,”I SURRENDER.” You have done it. Now, you are free. May God bless you.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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