Healing the emotional distress due to skin problems


So, I have been suffering from dermatitis for over a year now and the frustration it causes makes it so difficult to lead a healthy life. Skin problems cause stress and emotional disturbances which makes us afraid of the consequences of how our skin shall turn out. We feel a sense of fear and disgust.

So, this is what you say to your skin when you look at it in the mirror,” This is horrible. Its no itchy and annoying. I cant bear this. Will my skin ever going to be clean and healthy?” Even if you arent saying anything this is whats going on in your head.

We undergo treatments but quite a lot of skin conditions do have flare ups. So, just breathe. Take in  a deep relaxing breath and exhale. Focus on your breath for a few minutes. Let all feelings of disgust and fear come up.

Most of the times when we look at our skin, it triggers images in our head of worse skin conditions or something even more disgusting. These feelings keep on getting amplified and we are left in tears.

Dont worry. Just breathe. You can do this. Once you start taking deep relaxing breaths, close your eyes and if possible play the Kuan-Yin mantra in the background. On the inhale say,” I am love.” On the exhale say,” I am health” and release it all. Keep breathing as you listen to the beautiful mantra.

You can find several videos of this Goddess mantra on youtube. Choose the one which suits you the best. Kuan Yin is the Goddess of compassion and healing.

Slowly, as you begin to relax and connect with your inner knowingness you will start feeling yourself as separate from the body. In this state of realisation, examine your skin and notice all the feelings that come up for you. Feel what you need to feel. No matter how hard it is, feel it fully. Allow your heart centre to soften and melt. And soften and melt. And soften and melt. candle-close-up-glass-1069044And now as you continue breathing, you will slowly start feeling a sense of compassion and loving kindness for your skin. Sometimes, it doesnt come easily in the very first practice. Thats okay too. Continue breathing.

Allow yourself to feel a sense of loving embrace as you accept your skin the way it is. Instead of being frustrated by its condition, you hold room for its wounds. Pour forth all the love in your heart to your itchy skin. You dont have to do it all at once. Just be a little more kind to your skin each time you feel annoyed by it. Your skin deserves more love, not less. Be loving as you feel all those nasty sensations of itch, burning and disgust. Compassion can co-exist with all these. Do this more often and feel your heart centre soften and open up even more to embrace all that is.

Now, very gently give a loving hug to yourself and repeat on the exhale,” My skin deserves more love not less.” Keep doing this until you feel softer, lighter and more relaxed.



Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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