Be brave


Being brave doesnt mean that you wont have any fears. It doesnt mean that you shall never be scared. It means that you shall face your fears, embrace them and then be wise enough to choose love instead. Circumstances may not be favourable, people may not support you, money maybe lacking and you may be feeling stressed. Being brave means saying a “thank you” and doing what you can in this very moment.

“God helps those who are brave enough to surrender to his will.”

God helps us all. But until you stop interfering, you will not be receptive to miracles. You allow yourself to receive his blessings when you surrender to the divine will. When you let your heart take the lead, surrender becomes the way of life and you lean on nothing but love.

“In this moment, let them go.”

Being brave means to stop holding on to people who have hurt you or let you down. I know that there is a part of you who just wont release it all. That part of you cannot imagine a future without them. The wiser part of you says,”No one knows what the future shall bring. In this moment, they arent here to console you. Respect their choice. Love yourself enough to not settle for less. In this moment, let them go.”

“Forever is composed of nows.” Emily Dickinson

Progress begins with a choice  made in each moment. You are brave when you choose faith over doubt, kindness over anger, compassion over revenge and service over envy. Now is the time to make a brave choice. Being brave is all about choosing love over fear in each moment.

“The fears we dont face become our limits.” Robin Sharma

Being brave means being limitless and it starts with facing your fears. It starts with looking beyond your fears. Being brave means doing little things at every step and moving ahead. You are brave the moment you lean on God and take the very next step. Being brave means living in the present moment. The momadult-bed-bedroom-698158ent you are lost in the past or future even if only its a day ahead, you start feeling miserable. Be brave and embrace the present for what it truly is.

“Be true to yourself.”

Being brave means being extremely honest with yourself. Dont ever ignore your own truths. Embrace your flaws and see where you can do better. Dont ever ignore your feelings. If something is not okay, it isnt okay. Be brave enough to embrace yourself and not let any judgements weigh you down. Accept where you were wrong and be brave enough to forgive yourself.





Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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