Make this your life mantra. Write it down, learn it by heart and keep it in your heart. What does this mean?? It means that you do not stop respecting yourself just because your boss doesnt value you. It means that you do not stop loving yourself if people walk out on you. It means that you do not settle for less just because someone says that you do not deserve more. It means that you do not put up with someone’s unloving behaviour, you do not tolerate toxic people in your life, you do not let the society make all the choices for you and above all, you do not stop leaning on love.

“Soul is love, love is God and God says YES.”  James Van Praagh

You are a wonderful soul which is nothing but love. Love is all there is and love is all there will be. When God himself says yes to all your dreams, then why do you abandon them? When God himself places obstacles in your path, then why do you feel doubtful? The moment you abandon God, you abandon yourself. But God never abandons you. Even in those times when you feel completely hopeless, you are sure of one thing and that is, the sun shall shine tomorrow, it wont die out, it wont swallow the earth. You, my love, are already hoping for the best.

“Be the light you wish to see in the world.”

No matter what has happened, no matter who all have left your side, it doesnt define you. You arent defined by your success or your failures. What matters is how willing are you to help those who need you the most? You know, earlier I would be really careless with the way I used utensils while cooking. What could be cooked in just one vessel, I used 2-3 vessels to cook it. I never really cared because our housemaid would always do the dishes. But then one night as I was going to use an extra spoon for my ice-cream, I suddenly felt a sense of compassion and put it back. If this is all I can do for my housemaid, then why not? Our ego tells us that just because we are paying someone for their work, its all right not to care about their workload. But love says no. If there is only a little you can do, do that. When you choose to help a fellow soul, you choose not to abandon that part of yourself that is loving and caring.

“You cannot turn off the light. You can put your hands in front of your eyes and complain that there is no light.” Marianne Williamson

Your inner divinity never abandons you. Its only your unawareness of your own nature which creates all darkness. Do not abandon your inner God. Do not stop believing just because some facts have produced different results. Do not stop caring for yourself even when no one cares for you. Just because you are heart-broken doesnt mean its all right that you go and get drunk in a bar. If any of you have seen the older and beautiful version of the heart-touching movie “Devdas” you may have noticed that it conveys a really essential message of compassion and forgiveness. The female protagonist, after being deserted by her lover doesnt go about cursing him. She doesnt hold any resentments in her heart. She is unable to help herself out of the pain she is suffering from. So she chooses to be the light in the life of her step children. She says these words to her step-daughter,”Do not stay angry with me. In this huge mansion, I am nothing but a servant. I am here to serve you all with love and care. Then why are you annoyed with me?” Her words were enough to melt down all barriers that existed between her and her step-daughter. Her lover did break her trust, but she did not lose her trust in love. The male protagonist on the other hand

lived a life of pain and misery getting drunk the whole time only because he wasnt willing to release all that pain. When you choose to hold on to bitterness and resentments, you abandon not only the love inside of you, but also your health and your well-being.

“Do not look for an angel, be one.” Dr. Barbara de Angelis

Its time to be an angel for your own inner wounded self. Stop being a critic and start loving yourself to the fullest. You do have angel wings which flutter only in the winds of love. There is a beautiful line from a wonderful song which says,” If the stars were made to worship, then so will I. If the wind goes where you send it, then so will I.” God hasnt abandoned you, he never will. Be willing to surrender to his love.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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