Dealing with financial distress


Yes, thats true. In all moments of misery, in all times of financial distress, God puts his arms around me and says,” Dont worry, I am there for you.” The moment I trust him, my heart starts feeling lighter and love starts pouring in.

No one likes being in financial distress. We all love to be in a state where we are overflowing with money. Isnt it? We feel really upset when we cannot work on our dreams the way we want to due to the lack of money.

But the term “lack” is more of a mindset rather than a situation. I once saw a signboard which read,”MIND YOUR HEAD.” Although they had put it up so that people dont bang their head on the glass wall, I found it so in alignment with the spiritual teachings. Your mind is set at a particular zone of low level thoughts. And this creates the lack mentality which in turn repels the money that the angels are trying to bring to you. So mind your head and let your heart lead you.

Your heart knows the divine truth. Trust it and release all shame. Let the loving warmth of love embrace you and welcome the heavenly angels to bless you with a kiss of love. Bringing in more money into your life begins by bringing in more love to any situation, no matter how miserable it is. And the simplest way to do so is by being extra kind, loving and gentle towards yourself. If no one is kind to you, then at least be kind to yourself. Care for yourself, be grateful for no reason. Love yourself so much that no one can make you feel less worthy.

There isnt a problem which he cant mend,                                           No angel is so busy whom he cant send,                                             A helping hand will he lend,           the moment in kindness you do bend.

In his loving embrace will he hold,                                                      the fragments of your hopes new and old,                                       leaning on his love will make you wise and bold,                           all your trash he shall turn into gold.

There is loads of money in his heavenly bank,                                   then why do you leave the form of trust blank,                                      the cashier angels give it to all those in need,                                      not even counting it all as they proceed.

Compassion is your magic wand,                                                      sufferings of all when you share,                                                     when you serve with love and care,                                                       to a fellow soul you lend a helping hand,

the power of his grace you then embrace,                                                 seeds of kindness which you had sown                                                now attract money from places unknown.  

Kneel on your knees and fold your hands,                                         pick up all your magic wands,       look within and not above,           for within you dwells all his love.blur-close-up-dark-568785                                           



Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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