The secret to success

Till the time you are trying to win, you shall always be threatened with the fear of losing.

We all have our own list of goals which we are trying to accomplish. We work keeping our eyes on the price and work very hard to accomplish great things. But as we move ahead in our journey, we feel stress and anxiety creeping in through the windows pushing joy and excitement out through the main door. And then the downfall begins.

Why do we feel so stressed the whole time? What is it thats adding to our worry? Why dont we feel good about ourselves? Here is the answer- Its because you are trying to succeed. Thats a simple explanation, isnt it? But thats what makes all the difference.

If you want to win, no matter how optimistic you are you shall always be afraid of losing. If you desperately want to succeed, no matter how calm you are you shall always be engulfed by worry. So what should you do?

There is a motivational quote which says,” Try, try, try until you succeed.” Allow me to make a small addition to it,” try, try, try until you succeed in bringing more love to the situation.” This makes a huge difference. You no longer work with your eyes on the price. You work with a heart full of gratitude which enables you to do what feels good in the moment. You do what you do because you love doing it. 

In her book “The law of divine compensation” Marianne Williamson says that you do not go to a job interview to get a job, you go there to do your job. That explains it all. You do not study to qualify the exam, you study to learn what you love. You do not try to build a business to win millions of dollars, you build it to win contentment and peace. Till the time our goals are focussed on things outside of us like money, praise and good marks, we can never be at peace. 

When you work with your eyes off the prize and on your will to serve, thats when you end this vicious cycle of getting, wanting,grabbing and snatching. It isnt wrong to dream of being successful but thats not enough to keep you going. 

When you decide to lie down to make a beautiful snow angel, the truth is that the snow is already there. All you need to do is to keep moving your hands and feet. Similarly, what you dream of already exists. All you need to do is keep going so that it starts taking form.

Shift your focus from the getting to the doing. If winning was all that mattered then the revolt of 1857 wouldnt have been called a success, the great king Ashoka wouldnt have given up on warfare and all the winners would have had their happily ever afters. You only lose when you want to win. If you have no desire to win, you cannot lose. 

The moment you realise that its not the prize which makes you a wimner but your perception of choosing love over fear, the battle is already over. Nothing can scare you now. You have made your choice. You choose to serve with lovebeautiful-blur-bright-326055 and believe that its all you need to do.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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