Love and care

This blog post was inpired from a beautiful picture I saw of my best friend with whom I parted ways a long time ago. She was holding a tiny little kitten in her hands looking at it with such love and care that it truly melted my heart. She had the most precious smile on her glowing face and it really made my day.

Though we are miles apart and never speak to each other, she is still my best friend forever. Forever she has been in my thoughts, in my heart, in my prayers and in my blessings. She taught me what friendship is, she taught me to stand up for myself and above all, she taught me how to love myself.

Through her I discovered a part of myself I never thought existed. Being friends with her, I experienced the joy of giving and forgiving. My mind was scarred with all the wrong thoughts of friendship until she came and like a million shining stars, she decorated my dark life with hope and strength.

“A friend is the one who when goes ahead of you, pulls you along with her and if remains behind, pushes you ahead.” I would have never realised this had she not walked into my lonelybeverage-chocolate-cocoa-301650 life. I can only thank her for making me who I am today and that is a much kinder, loving and understanding version of myself.

A million stars shining in her eyes lighting up the foggy morning,                                               the furry creature cradled lovingly in her place of belonging,                                             that smile which stole my heart,   reminding me of the love that persists even when we are miles apart.

Like a carefree maiden she is dressed,                                                the little one feeling happy as she is caressed,                                   how I wish I would have been there,                                                      to embrace your affection and all your care.

“I love you,” says the little one dwelling in her embrace,                “I miss you,” I say admiring her elegance and grace,                         I wish I could speak to you one more time,                                           but our friendship is now silent as a broken wind chyme.

You look so pretty that even the rainbow understands your worth,                                                   all her seven colours adorn your naked soul,                                           the warmth of your smile graces the earth,                                             you are a blessing showered upon my wounded soul.

  As you give the furry one a gentle moist kiss,                               she licks your face showering you with love,                                      this moment in time, an act of love like this,                                        is a gift for humanity from the heavens above.                   


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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